Monday, May 1, 2017

Mysterious bursts of energy are coming from space!

Mysterious bursts of energy are coming from space, and astronomers can't yet rule out aliens.

Is it alien communication signals? What about alien propulsion systems?

The extremely energetic events that we see out there in the Universe are usually caused by cataclysmic astrophysical events and activities of one sort or another.
But what about Fast Radio Bursts?
A pair of astrophysicists at Harvard say that the seldom seen phenomena could, maybe, possibly, be evidence of an advanced alien technology.
Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are short-lived radio pulses that last only a few milliseconds.
It's been assumed that they have some astrophysical cause. Fewer than 2 dozen of them have been detected since their discovery in 2007.
They're detected by our huge radio telescopes like the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, and the Parkes Observatory in Australia. They're extremely energetic, and their source is a great distance from us.
The two astrophysicists, Avi Loeb at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and Manasvi Lingam at Harvard University, decided to investigate the possibility that FRBs have an alien technological origin.

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