Tuesday, January 10, 2017

USA Ohio: The 'Devil Tree' (video)

A group of hikers apparently became freaked out after encountering a tree burning from the inside in Ohio. 

The incident happened in Defiance, Ohio, which is located about 60 miles outside of Toledo.

The video shows bright orange colored flames raging from top to bottom inside of the tree. 
There does not appear to be any fire damage on the outside of the tree or a sign of a fire burning anywhere nearby.  
'How is this even possible?' one of the men asked in shock. 
'It's starting to get up and around.' 
The hiker then urges his friend that they 'better get out of here,' as the cameraman slips over twice. 
It's unclear how the tree caught fire in that manner, but a few people who have left a comment about the video that the hikers shared to YouTube have labeled it as the 'Devil Tree.'
One person who watched the video wrote 'HAIL SATAN!' in the comments. 
Tree fires similar to the ones the hikers filmed can sometimes be caused by lighting bolts. 
In addition, wildfires can also spread by roots burning underground and then up into the insides of large trees.  


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