Friday, December 30, 2016

New Telescope Detects Intelligent Alien Entities Living on Earth!

   UFO’s? Or inter dimensional entities? Are “invisible terrestrial entities” all around us?
   Thunder Energies Corporation Physicist Dr. Ruggero Santilli says yes, and has photos to back it up.
   (Invisible to the Naked Eye): You are about to see proof that ‘invisible Alien entities are here, on Earth.’ 
   Researchers seeking evidence of anti-matter in the universe firmly believe they have come across a previously unknown ‘invisible life form’ on planet Earth.
   The group of researchers that discovered the mysterious entities work at Thunder Energies corporation, an optics, nuclear physics and energy company. According to them, these mysterious entities inhabit the Earth’s atmosphere. 
   The company is run by controversial Harvard-educated nuclear physicist Dr. Ruggero Santilli. Dr. Santilli is regarded by many as an expert in mathematics and physics and has already been nominated for Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics. 


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