Thursday, November 17, 2016

Westworld meets Jurassic Park as Japan shows off plans for Robotic Dinosaur Theme Park (video)

   A Japanese company has unveiled plans to build a massive robot dinosaur theme park as it showed off the world's biggest moving dinosaur for the first time.
    In a cross between new hit American TV show Westworld and Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park the "Dino-a-Park" was the brainchild of Kazuya Kanemaru, the CEO of ON-ART Corp.
   His company unveiled a huge human-controlled robot which walks and moves at a hotel in downtown Tokyo this morning.
    A Tyrannosaurus Rex was the first to emerge from the mist into the event hall, roaring loudly and stomping toward the audience.
    The creature pretended to bite the head of a "staff caretaker" as part of the performance, and swung him onto the floor.
    Other dinosaurs, including Allosaurus and Raptors, joined the T-Rex in roaming the hall and letting out growls through their sharp teeth.
One of them even attacked Mr Kanemaru, as he prepared to take the stage.
    After the performance, Mr Kanemaru presented his dream of wanting to create a "Dino-a-park" where visitors could see and experience these creatures first-hand.
    He said: "The fact that we have been creating living things, the desire we have had to want to truly experience dinosaurs, and living things, to draw that out, these are things that spurred us on.
   "We are striving to create dinosaurs that make people feel as though they are invisible, through how real the dinosaur's breathing and movements are."
    Similar models for these dinosaurs had been introduced in the past, but were much heavier, weighing 50 kilograms, and used materials that had a less life-like appearance. Today's dinosaurs weighed only 38 kilograms, while measuring 8 meters in height and also used state-of-the-art carbon fiber materials for the creatures to look more rugged and realistic. There are currently a total of 12 dinosaurs in operation for various events in Japan.


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