Thursday, November 10, 2016


   Nikola Tesla was one of the drivers most critical electricity trade, his inventions laid the foundation of modern knowledge about alternating current electric power, AC systems, including Multistage systems, power distribution and engine AC, who led the second Industrial Revolution. 
   His work has been materialized by chance no less than 111 patents recognized in the US and 300 other countries.
   These inventions were more or fascinating and useful, but there were others that were never made public in their entirety. One of them refers to the "death rays". Were named so by mistake or simply journalists from The New York Times biased signed an article in 1934: "In 78 years, Tesla found death rays". 
   In fact, Tesla when they offered journalists the information they had called "rays of peace" it was an invisible wall, which every country you can apply over the province, which could reject since a distance of 200 miles any foreign object. It could be talking about an airplane or a missile, these rays reacting with incredible power as a shield. Base pieces were a mechanism for the production of a very large electrical forces, with the help of a huge vacuum pump which "pulls" the energy in the atmosphere, and a method for amplification of this force. Raza itself to be designed thanks to a mechanism based on a huge electric force of rejection, which, according to his instructions, could reach a potential of 80 million volts. The press demanded allocation of funds for Tesla's invention, which was incomparably cheaper than the amounts that were spent on conventional weapons.
   Since 1896, he was convinced that communicate via radio signals with extraterrestrial civilizations was possible. In 1899, while he was in his laboratory in Colorado Springs, he received more cosmic radio signals, which it seemed to be submitted by extraterrestrial civilizations. 
   Now, more than a hundred years ago, during the first decade of the twentieth century, Tesla filed a patent application for a strange aircraft, which he called a "first flying saucer in the world". 
   What is interesting is that the methods used to design flying saucer Tesla's match descriptions of those who claimed to have seen a UFO inside: a turbo discoid of sufficient size to provide the traction required, while other engines less allowed steering control flying saucer; in however, add a gyroscopic stabilization system and electrical control unit. 
   For more information please watch the video below.


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