Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mummies of Aliens Found in Peruvian Desert

   Two mummies of aliens discovered in the desert of the south of Peru for my friend this 2016.
   The being and skull have bone, skin, and cotton inside. Interview to Brien Foerster, Thierry Jamin and Edward Valenzuela.
   Thierry Jamin say: Well, for me, it was truly a total surprise to discover these remains that obviously do not look human. I've done archaeological research for almost 20 years, I've studied a lot of Inca mummies, from other cultures like Paracas and Nazca, and what I've seen here seems alien, it seems to come from another world. I am under a blow, it seems incredible to have in my hands bodies that seem to come from another world. Here I believe ... For me it is the proof that they do not only exist, that they have come centuries or millennia ago.

   Esward Valenzuela said: "I am really impressed, I am shocked, I never want to see and have these bodies so close to hands, and I can certify that this is real physical evidence, that these bodies are not false. They have all structure, have skin, and have very detailed shapes. This would be a final proof that there are beings from other worlds who have had contact with ancient civilizations. This is the most incredible thing we have ever seen".

   More info soon... 
   Brien Foerster 

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