Friday, November 25, 2016

"MOTHMAN" FOUND? Stunning Proof of Legendary Creature caught on Camera!

Legends and urban myths never tire our imaginative minds as we journey through these extraordinary tales of the uncanny and mystery.
   Many strange stories from age old times are still prevalent today with firm believers spreading their enthusiasm and fear of the unknown.
   One of these stories is about a supernatural creature that leaps and flies through the skies as a sign of forthcoming omens. The entity known as the "Mothman" is both bizarre and fascinating in nature. Most reports tell of a tall dark humanoid creature with large wings and red glowing eyes. It has been sighted several times, with the first recorded sighting occurring between November and December of 1966. 
   The reports inspired author John Keel to write the book "The Mothman Prophecies" which in turn would spawn a movie with the same name. Recently, a man took some shocking photographs revealing a winged humanoid creature leaping in the air. This could prove that Mothman is real and is still around! Watch the following video to know more! 


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