Monday, October 10, 2016

Water on Mars (video)

   BY MATTEO  IANNEO - Italian  Researcher.
   Water on Mars. Many planets in our solar system, including also those of other very distant systems, have lived our time, with physical and chemical characteristics, even as we. 
   The source of life, water, is known in most of the universes, and on many planets, it rises from the bowels of the planet destroyed, hidden in the wounds of many celestial worlds who have lived in their history natural disasters. On the planet Mars, there is still water in sufficiency, but it hidden largely in the bowels of the planet. 
   On its surface, there are still lakes that arise suddenly from the slits of the planet itself. Even when a planet is destroyed, its waters evaporate and then fell again on its surface, in the form of rain, so the waters of this planet can never be destroyed, because even if given the enormous temperature of some places it falls under as rain scattered throughout its surface. In this study, by analyzing this part of the planet's surface, I have observed, the blue color of this great lake, and I still believe that on this planet there is life, vegetation, and do not rule out that there is also a good amount of oxygen. 
   All these elements are reduced in nature than our planet, but not everything has been destroyed. 
   Thanks again for your patience.

Matteo Ianneo 

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