Wednesday, October 12, 2016

USA: Mysterious Ghost Ship Image Appears On Lake Superior (Video)

   Eye witnesses and theories from the internet range from the divine to the supernatural to the mundane. 
   Is it Jesus walking on water, an oil rig … or perhaps a ghost ship?
   With the Great Lakes’ history of shipwrecks the idea of a paranormal visitor can catch on quickly.

   On a fall color tour in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Saturday, Jason Asselin and his friends were watching a rainbow when another sight caught their eye.

   Check it out.

   At 200x zoom on his camera Asselin said he thinks the object would be “hundreds” of feet tall. It clearly resembles a tall ship.

  “There’s no ship that big”, he adds.

   The resemblance to tall sailing ships isn’t lost on Asselin and he notes the coincidence of the object appearing so close to Columbus day.

  “Some people said it might be a mirage, but for that to happen conditions would have to be perfect.” said Asselin.

   A specific kind of mirage called Fata Morgana can cause one or more mirror images to stack elongate objects on the horizon.

   One possible explanation could be a lighthouse.

   Approximately nine miles north of where the video was taken on the northernmost tip of Presque Isle Park in Marquette known as the Black Rocks, you’ll find Granite Island where a lighthouse and a tower structure vaguely resemble the blurry silhouette from the video.

   This isn’t the first time the Great Lakes have put on a show. When the weather conditions are just right, the Chicago skyline has been seen from Michigan.

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