Wednesday, October 5, 2016

TESLA: The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio

   Mrfixitrick shows a series of seven experiments with his Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio, a non-powered crystal radio circuit built in a jam-jar that does more than just be a radio.
   This simple device shows abilities such as: detecting lightning, making voice phenomena, interacting with all forms of light, creating music and sound effects, reading a computer screen, acting as a mike, and detecting RF pulses.
   The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is plugged directly into the iMac computer sound-in port. Audio Hijack Pro software provides the gain and real time sound effects based on the radio's input.
   The radio's antennas are inspired by Tesla's high voltage examples, and its basic LC circuit is similar to Tesla's original inductor and capacitor circuit schematics. 
   The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio recently won the monthly Gadget Freak award by Design News, the world's best engineering news magazine.


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