Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mysterious structure in the desert in Egypt (video)

   Planet Earth, this planet we find different things, very special. 
   In this part of the desert in Egypt, about 50 km from the city of Cairo in Egypt, I have observed through my studies, this geometric structure that has attracted my attention.
   Obviously I do not think that it's an old structure, because in 2009 this was not visible. What particularly impressed me, it is the particular form of this structure, which shows a particular geometric design.
 At first glance, this seems to present itself as an alien base what we see in the movies, I think it could be a military base, or of a sewage treatment plant, or a plant, or something archaeological, I know not well defined. The thing that amazed my observation, is that in this isolated area, where I do not notice any transport of electricity, or any form of solar energy, we find this particular geometric well insulated. 
   By searching the web I have not found any information relating to this facility, I have not found any news about. I can assume according to my analysis, which can be a military base, and what makes us an isolated military base in that place? Regardless of what may be, I leave to you the search for this anomaly, I hope someone can elucidate us on some more information on this detail. It could be a field of something mineral, or a collection point for something that we do not know.
   According to my analysis, I believe that this structure is hidden under the surface, in the sand, perhaps even the strong winds were able to discover a structure that did not want to be viewed from above, especially from satellites. There are entrances of access, 4 inputs on the second structure and a large entrance hall on the first. The shape of this structure, it is very particular ,, it may also be a missile base, or a base of nuclear origin. Council, who is the field, to investigate this training, and maybe try to make us understand what it can handle. Putting on this particular fantastic plan, this could be a military site, where they are hidden doors Stargate. 
   Thanks again for your patience.


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