Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mummified Buddhist monk Dead for 89 years Seen ‘Wandering Around Museum’

  "What you see is what you believe," the head of a Buddhist community in Siberia, Russia claimed on Facebook.
   He posted "sensational" images of what he says is the body of a long since dead spiritual leader moving inside his temple at night.
   The deceased Lama Itigilov has been making headlines in the country for over a century. A remarkable figure in the Republic of Buryatia in Siberia, the famous Buddhist became probably even more powerful after his death, which was nearly 90 years ago. Legend has it, the lama took the lotos position in June of 1927. Having asked his apprentices to read a special prayer, he got deep into meditation and reached the state of nirvana ... the state many believe he still is in today.

   He was buried in that very same lotus pose and spent decades in a wooden cube. His body was later moved to a glass sarcophagus in a special lama "palace. «With the lama's body said to be showing little signs of decay, many local Buddhists believe he's still alive. Itigilov's mummy has been studied by many scientists, some of who claim processes common only for alive humans can be detected in his body. Some of his tissues are said to be identical to living as opposed to dead humans. People claim the lama's hair continues to grow.

   Now new "evidence" of Itigilov being mysteriously alive has emerged. He is "on the move" inside his palace when no one can see, the head of local Buddhist community, Lama Damba Ayusheev claimed. Yet, one image shows a figure in the middle of the room, while on another one a grainy figure can be seen on or near the sofa.

   While there are sceptics all around, Itigilov's admirers are firm in their beliefs. "It’s lama holding his hat in his right hand and a bag of books in the left," they excitingly claim.

  "Is it lama? I see a man in cammies with plastic bags," others argue, saying the image most probably shows a security guy coming from a shop and planning to have an illegal break.

   But whoever it is in the "sensational" image, one thing is for sure: Something out of the ordinary is going on in the Buddhist palace.


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