Thursday, September 1, 2016

TALOS: The Ancient Olympian Robot!

  Could Talos have been the first robot in history?
    Most famous prehistoric robot produced in Greece is Talos, a gigantic mechanical device, used mainly to guard Crete, but Talos was certainly not the only robot frequently used in the ancient world.
   After the destruction of Atlantis and the victory of the El against the Kronious (Saturn followers) followed dramatic changes for the welfare of mankind. 
The little ice age in the northern hemisphere was one of them. Another was the destruction of the culture of that era (about 12,000 years from now).
The culture that had in its hands alien technology left back by the gods.
The two superpowers of that time was Athens, that was dedicated to goddess Athena, and Poseidonia, that later went under the command of the Kronious and was renamed Atlantis. After the war of Athens and Atlantis, much of the extraterrestrial technology perished. A few remained and later some ancient civilizations were able to manage as long as possible. One of these is Talos. It was made by Hephaestus at the time that the gods lived together with the people.
For the humans it was managed by Daedalus.

Talos was a guard robot for the part of the land, the place Zeus arrived to Earth and made it his homeland.

   A mechanical man, Talos, which was often depicted on ancient Greek silver coins, was a gift to Minos, King of Crete. A number of such coins were excavated in Phaistos (Phaestus) located in the south-central part of Crete, approximately 3 1/2 miles.

   As we remember, also in Phaistos, there was discovered a mysterious clay disk known as the Phaistos Disk.

   Talos, a huge guardian of the island of Crete, was constructed of copper. It patrolled the Crete’s coast three times daily and protecting the island from enemies.

   The robot, capable to throw large rocks on diverse enemies and their boats, could move very quickly. He had medium speed of 155 miles per hour! (250 km/h). Talos’ boiling hot breath could easily burn all hostile ships approaching the coast of the Crete!

His job was to prevent an enemy invasion.

   According to Apollodorus, a Greek writer, the robot Talos (in the ancient Cretan dialect its name means “sun”) was given by Zeus to Europa, Queen of Crete, on her wedding to Minos, King of Crete. The robot had one blood vessel that extended from his neck down to his ankles, where it was kept in place by a bronze bolt…” (Apollodorus 1.140)

    According to Argonautica 4.1638, a Greek epic poem written by Apollonius Rhodius in the 3rd century BC., the robot Talos was destroyed while “picking up a big stone, he grazed his ankle on a sharp rock, “ichor ran from him like molten lead”, he stood for a second, “high on the jutting cliff” and then “came down with a resounding crash…”

   One ancient version of the story describing the robot Talos’ fate says that the giant bronze “man” was “wounded” in his heel and a screw came off… The blood of Gods streamed from the metal body! (“The blood pumped out of his vein as melted metal"...) 

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