Friday, September 2, 2016

PERU: Surveillance camera films ‘Alien entity’ at Pachacamac

   A surveillance camera at a service station near Pachacamac Peru has filmed what many are calling an alien entity from another dimension. 
   So far, the video recording has appeared on numerous television programs, and no one seems to be able to explain what the enigmatic ‘alien creature’ actually is.
   Surveillance cameras from a service station on the Panamerican Highway South district of Pachacamac, Peru, show an alleged alien creature about half a meter in height as it appears in the early hours of Monday, August 22.

   In the video recording posted on YouTube, you can see four workers from the service station talking when the mysterious ‘alien being’ appears.

   The workers fail to understand what the mysterious creature is as they follow the entity across the highway while filming the encounter on their mobile phones.

   One of the workers, identified as Juan Mauricio Morales approached the ‘alien entity’ as it floated away. A bus apparently intercepts the alien entity but nothing happens, as the creature continues disappearing.

   The mysterious encounter with the alien entity has already been discussed on numerous television shows in Peru as people fail to understand what the mysterious creature may have been.

   Was it an actual alien entity? Or is it possible e that workers of the service station confused it with something else?

   Interestingly it isn’t the first time that such an entity has been caught on camera.

  Could this mysterious encounter be evidence of the alleged other dimensional beings mentioned by one of FBI’s documents which indicate we are being visited by beings not from Earth, and not from this dimension?

   It is noteworthy to mention that Pachacamac is precisely where one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Peru is located. The site located some 40 kilometers southeast of Lima Peru in the Valley of the Lurin River has numerous buildings and temples which were built sometime between 800 and 1,450 AD.

   Archaeologists have discovered numerous pyramids on the site (at least 17), and many of them are irreversibly damaged by the weather phenomenon of El Niño.

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