Monday, September 26, 2016

PERU: The Mysterious and Unexplained Holes in Pisco Valley

   Most people know about the Nazca Lines, however there is another, less known, unexplained mystery in Peru, near Pisco Valley, in the plain called Cajamarquilla.
 There is thousands and thousands of man-sized holes that are carved into stones.
   These holes incredibly stretch over one mile over the hills and valleys, are here for a long time. Local people have no idea who made ​​them or why. It is ridiculous that no one had an idea of what it is until they have been photographed from above...
   Archaeologists believe that it's actually digs for the storage of grain..., the question is why bother to spend the time and tremendous effort to do so. Then they said: "Well, then it may be the tomb? » But the problem is that in any hole there are no bones, jewelry, artifacts, notes ... nothing.

   The holes are different - some are rigid and perfectly accurate, some are curved and rounded, some are deep by 2 meters (6, 7 feet), some are just shallow lines.

   Even until this day they do not know the origin or purpose of those Band of Holes...

   There are eight holes, and they cover a diameter of 24 meters in width. They are repeated marching, until finally they disappear in foggy massive Peru.

   Some archaeologists say that they are the defensive positions.

   A few miles east of the Band, satellite images show structures that look like the remains of an ancient settlement (these formations do not look natural and there is nothing similar in the whole area).

   These holes are reminded to geological testing of precious metals made ​​in the Andes. Perhaps these holes may be what is left of a huge machine that came to perform the excavation? Nazca Valley is a cliff's note of Earth. If someone wanted to know what planet Earth has, the Nazca Valley is a place to look for that information. Seems to be a  some kind of a machine that landed and took soil samples and then flew away. If look at the highest part of the northern Band, you will notice that ends in unnatural darkened area (it almost looks like a remnants of an explosion)…

   Also resemble on some kind coded message - if you look at the whole band, you will notice some kind of pattern and repetition, as if someone wanted to write something to someone who can only be seen from a great height.

  Perhaps this Band of Holes is actually an leftover of some ancient civilization? Or maybe even the footprint of visit in the ancient times, evidence of the effect on our planet from a intelligent alien life forms?


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