Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CHINA: The Underwater Ancient Ruins of Shi Cheng (Lion City).

   Deep beneath the placid blue waters of Qiandao Lake in China lurks a beautiful and haunting sight. 
   Qiandao Lake is an artificial lake located in Chun’an County, China, also known as the Thousand Island Lake.
   The valley it lies in was flooded in 1959 to create the lake for the Xin’an River Dam project.

   In 2001 archaeologists discovered the ruins of an ancient city under the water. The remains are known as Shi Cheng or Lion City as it is located at the foot of Wu Shi Mountain, or Five Lion Mountain.

   The ancient monuments of Lion City were built over 1,300 years ago, yet as you can see below, some of the stone carvings are still in almost pristine condition.

   While it remains mostly undisturbed at a depth of between 26 and 40 meters, a local diving company is currently running weekend dives to explore the city. Why keep searching for Atlantis when it’s much more real counterpart is just waiting for a daring diver to unearth its secrets?"


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