Monday, June 27, 2016

Science confirms the ancient: The alien Ichor is flowing unaltered in our veins!

Stanford University of U.S.A - Pavia university of Italy 
research of Greek DNA.
1) The DNA make-up of today's Greeks is 99.5% white. The study claims that today's Greek has 99.5% the same DNA make-up as as the white Greeks of ancient times.

2) Contrary to beliefs by many in Turkey and certain Slavic nations of ex-Yugoslavia, Greek DNA has not been influenced, nor altered, by the mixture of Slavic or Turkish DNA, even though Ottomans ruled a large part of Greece for 400 years.
3) Out of a sample of 925 modern-day Greek DNA, only 0.4% exhibited non-white DNA.
4) To a large extent, Greeks of the ancient time "transferred" their DNA to other parts of Europe through their conquests. The study showed that, today, Greek DNA is most similar to: a) Italian DNA, b) French DNA, c) Spanish DNA, d) Turkish DNA.
5) The DNA of Italians in modern day southern Italy is the closest match to the DNA of their Greek neighbors.

   The purpose of this blog is to remind the EL that they are everywhere on Earth. They may have changed name of race, they can say they're from another country, they may have changed religion. All this, however, can not change the DNA. 
   The information code for the past.
   For our ancestors.
   In the map below you can see how many of you originate from the El. The people of Greece, of southern Italy and Turkey, have unchanged the blood of the el in their veins. Like most European inhabitants of the white race. 
   Through the centuries countless wars were made, and those who reigned aimed to alter memories and to fool the world. In some ways they succeeded. Clearest example is Turkey.
The greatest enemy of the Greeks. The Turks, who accept that their whites and the descended Turkmens Mongols from Tatar to be the same.
   While whites are EL Muslims.
   But know that it is time that the divine Ichor flowing unchanged in our blood, will awaken the EL of all the earth and they will begin to see that the truth has no boundaries. 
   How the battle is not between countries and religions but between civilized and barbaric.
   Because for the ancient philosophers, being taught in all universities of the earth, "anyone non El-Lenas (not EL) is barbarian".
... And when we say the EL we do not mean only the tribe of the Greeks ...
   Awakening for everyone. The EL are everywhere!
The darker color is the land of the most unchanged DNA...
Greek autosomal DNA
   A striking demonstration of the persistence of the Greek genetic signature through time can be found in the pic above. The figure on the right is the 4th principal component of variation in Europe and shows a strong cline centered in Greece. Not only is the Greek genetic legacy clearly detectable today, but it is detectable among not only the Greeks, but all their neighboring populations of partial Greek ancestry:
THE FOURTH is strongly reminiscent of Greek colonization in the first millennium B.C.

3. Human presence in Greece
   Work were analyzed mitochondrial DNA from individuals from several geographical regions of Europe (including Greece) and Middle East in order to trace the biological origins of Europeans.
   By analyzing mitochondrial DNA found that examined subjects divided into 21 groups (haplotypes) and evaluated apart for each age creation, the Middle East and Europe. Based on mathematical calculations, estimated that the DNA of Greek origin is as follows: 8% in recent years (about 3,000 years from now), 20% during the Neolithic period (9000-3000), 44% in the last upper Paleolithic era ( 14500-9000), 14.5% on average over the Paleolithic era (26,000 to 14,500 years) and a 11% in the original upper Paleolithic era (45.500 -26.000).


   Not only is the Greek genetic legacy clearly detectable today, but it is detectable among not only the Greeks, but all their neighboring populations of partial Greek ancestry.
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