Thursday, June 30, 2016

Saturn's Artificial Moons Dione and Titan Photoshopped by NASA Exposed!!...

 UFO Sighting: NASA photos from Cassini of Saturn Moon Dione and Titan.   This is undeniable proof that NASA is hiding and cutting out objects, even the NASA girl who did it admitted it in a forum on Oct, 8, 2010.

   Conspiracy Theorists Confident: Altered Image, a NASA Cover-Up 
The NASA image of Saturn's moons Dione and Titan (left) and the high-contrast version showing black Photoshop marks at far right.
   Alien conspiracy theorists are confident they've caught NASA in the act of covering up the fact that we are not alone in the universe...

Development on the ‘Lost City of Giants’ in Ecuador

   ​In 2012, a team of explorers and researchers discovered what they believed to be an ancient pyramid complex in a remote area of the Ecuador Amazonian jungle, one not known to the general public internationally or even within the country.
   Bruce Fenton, author and researcher, believes the complex may be the ‘Lost City of the Giants’, so named for the large giant-sized tools that were found in the vicinity, as well as the local legends that speak of a race of giant humans who once inhabited the region.

What portal did CERN open now? Strange Clouds Hover Above the LHC

   What Portal did CERN Open Now? 

Strange Clouds Hover Above the Large Hadron Collider

   CERN is notorious for opening portals and then denying it; something very strange was captured in the clouds above the Large Hadron Collider just recently.

Something very eerie took place in Geneva last weekend. A team of photographers captured another mysterious occurrence over Geneva Switzerland where the monster of the Large Hadron Collider is located. We recently exposed that CERN is directly responsible for weather manipulation and the opening of portals, under an operation called The CLOUD Experiment.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

China Reveals... That a Massive Alien Outpost and Mining Facility is Operating on the Moon

   Ever wondered why no one has set foot on the Moon for decades? 
And why there’s no permanent outpost already established there? 
Is it because the Moon is not a viable celestial body to harness, 
or maybe because all of the above mentioned are already happening, 
but we are not being told about it?

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Indo-Greek City in Pakistan

   Italian and Pakistani Archaeologists have discovered large layers of an Indo-Greek city with weapons, coins and pottery forms, in Barikot, Pakistan, according to a Dawn report.

   Barikot was called Bazira in ancient times, a city captured by Alexander the Great during his advance to India.

Hidden Magnetic Portals Around Earth (video)

   A NASA-sponsored researcher at the University of Iowa has developed a way for spacecraft to hunt down hidden magnetic portals in the vicinity of Earth. These gateways link the magnetic field of our planet to that of the sun, setting the stage for stormy space weather.
     You will often hear us state this at U.I.P but ‘Science Fiction really is becoming Science FACT!’ Over the recent years we have discovered many wonders of space, but one key area which STILL some people still do not realize is that NASA have already confirmed that Portals DO EXIST – something which has actually been confirmed on NASA’s website.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

China appears in "The Gates of Hell" and the people are terrified

   The residents of Urumqi in China, are amazed and bewildered. There, a huge hole in flames was found by several people, but the real causes of their creation are unknown.
     A mysterious land slip spitting fire and incredible heat has appeared on a hillside China.The geologists and media have gone to the desolate mountain on the outskirts of Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China, since the hole appeared a few weeks ago.

Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner launch $100m star voyage Alpha Centauri

   Alpha Centauri is a star system around 25 trillion miles from Earth.
   The project, dubbed Breakthrough Starshot, will rely on tiny 'nanocraft'.
   Tiny nanocraft will fly on sails pushed by beams of light.
   Craft will carry cameras and a built in GPS.
   Mission could reach Alpha Centauri within about 20 years of its launch.

What are these Giant Balls? Dinosaur Eggs, Meteorites or Signs of an Ancient Civilization...

     Found 30 meters underground at a coal mine, they are dubbed Jurassic pearls or the marbles of a Siberian colossus. 
 The ten spheres are around half the size of a human, a meter or so in diameter, and almost perfectly round and smooth. To add to the mystery, they change color after rain.

MARS Finding: The "Thing" Dune Of The North Pole (video)

   An interesting finding on the north pole of Mars - as many many others... 

   This one NASA commented on, saying it is an other common sand formation (!), but it has some features the other dunes don't.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Science confirms the ancient: The alien Ichor is flowing unaltered in our veins!

Stanford University of U.S.A - Pavia university of Italy 
research of Greek DNA.
1) The DNA make-up of today's Greeks is 99.5% white. The study claims that today's Greek has 99.5% the same DNA make-up as as the white Greeks of ancient times.

Absolute proof of Life on Mars' - shock claim after 'alien found' in NASA image

   ALIEN conspiracy theorists are branding a video conclusive proof that there IS intelligent life on Mars. Footage which claims to show a small alien peeping out from a rock on the Red Planet has gone viral online.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

There were GIANTS on the EARTH !

   There were giants on the earth in those days... 
   The whole of the ancient world talks of giants, from the man eating giants of ancient Britain to the Greek Gods, the Holy bible and the Ad of the Quran. 

   Part one looks at giants on TV, giants in ancient Sumeria, Bran the blessed, Thor, Odin and Nimrod, Baal, Seth, and others, the Nephilim, the fallen angels, David and Goalith and Noahs of the old testament and the Watchers of the Bible. 

Huge Mystery Object Caught Next To Jupiter - What was this??

   We still don't know what this "thing" was...
      Incredible object caught near Jupiter, which seems to have a core shaped like the number "8".

   The four frames (gif) indicates it has a flight path, this rules out lens flare in my opinion.

The last years of Saint Paisios the Athonite (video)

   Saint Paisios of Mount Athos (Greek: Ὅσιος Παΐσιος ὁ Ἁγιορείτης), born Arsenios Eznepidis (1924–1994), was a well-known Greek Eastern Orthodox ascetic from Mount Athos, who originated from Pharasa, Cappadocia.
He was respected for his spiritual guidance and ascetic life and many people worldwide highly venerate Elder Paisios, especially in Greece and in Russia.

Elder Paisios Prophecies

    The words of Elder Paisios are now more relevant than ever...
    In the past he had often talked about issues that are now addressed to all Greeks. 

An Atomic Bomb went off on Earth 12000 years ago?

   Ancient civilizations and pagan religions have left many mark in history with scripts, monuments and numerous objects that make us reevaluate what we know so far regarding our past and where we are going as a civilization.

Korean Scientists Clone Dinosaur

   Scientists at Sooam Biotech Research Facility have successfully cloned a dinosaur, a spokesman from the university said yesterday.
   The dinosaur, a baby Allosaurus nicknamed “Spot”, is currently being incubated at the Sooam Biotech Research Facility.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

NASA Saw Something Come Out of a Black Hole for the First Time Ever

 ...Something Just Came Out of a Black Hole for the First Time Ever!!

NASA Saw Something Come Out of a Black Hole for the First Time Ever

   You don’t have to know a whole lot about science to know that black holes typically suck things in, not spew things out. But NASA just spotted something mighty strange at the supermassive black hole Markarian 335.
   Two of NASA’s space telescopes, including the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), miraculously observed a black hole’s corona “launched” away from the supermassive black hole. Then a massive pulse of X-ray energy spewed out. So, what exactly happened? That’s what scientists are trying to figure out now.
  “This is the first time we have been able to link the launching of the corona to a flare,” Dan Wilkins, of Saint Mary’s University, said. “This will help us understand how supermassive black holes power some of the brightest objects in the universe.”

   NuSTAR’s principal investigator, Fiona Harrison, noted that the nature of the energetic source is “mysterious,” but added that the ability to actually record the event should provide some clues about the black hole’s size and structure, along with (hopefully) some fresh intel on how black holes function. Luckily for us, this black hole is still 324 million light-years away.
   So, no matter what strange things it’s doing, it shouldn’t have any effect on our corner of the universe.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

NASA Just Confirmed That Earth Has A New Moon (ASTERIA? see the series -The ΕΛ apocalypse)

    One is the loneliest number, especially when you are a single moon circling the planet full of humans. But let’s not lose hope here because NASA just announced that there might be a second moon come to keep you company.

This newly discovered moon is smaller than our moon and goes around the Earth astonishingly irregularly, but still, two is quite better than one. This second “moon,” is actually an asteroid called 2016 HO3 and it is currently locked into “a little dance” with Earth.

Monday, June 20, 2016



Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Greeks Who Pray to ΔΙΑΣ (Zeus)

"Philotimo" - What it Means in Greek

The Greek word "Φιλότιμο" (Philotimo) has a unique meaning and doesn't exist as a word in no other language. 
This video explains, as it can better, in English, what it really means...

Feel "ΕΛ"(EL)...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Grand Canyon Underground Citadel - Evidence of Giants and Underground Cities...

   On April 5th 1909 an article was printed in the Arizona Gazette The following is the article exactly as was written
«Mysteries of Immense Rich Cavern being brought to light.»
The latest news of the progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by scientists as not only the oldest archeological discovery in the United States, but one of the most valuable in the world, which was mentioned some time ago in the Gazette, was brought to the city yesterday by G.E. Kinkaid, the explorer who found the great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon during a trip from Green River, Wyoming, down the Colorado, in a wooden boat, to Yuma, several months ago.
According to the story related to the Gazette by Mr. Kinkaid, the archaelogists of the Smithsonian Institute, which is financing the expeditions, have made discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses.

‘Remember Byzantium’: St Pete lawmaker calls for Istanbul to be renamed Constantinople

St Petersburg city lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, known as the main sponsor of the Russian law banning gay propaganda to minors, has proposed that the Turkish city of Istanbul be renamed Constantinople on all Russian maps and in state-approved textbooks.
In a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Milonov called the renaming “the return of Istanbul’s historical name,” adding that the name Constantinople was used in Tsarist Russia.
   “Many residents of our country still connect the city of Istanbul only with the history of Byzantium. Before the Bolshevik revolution, this city was not named other than Constantinople in our country.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The ΕΛ Apocalypse 2

   In this episode of our series learn what is the purpose of the Saturnalians (Cronius) on earth, what new species were created by experiments, who (alien) arrived to earth and changed the history of mankind... 
    The true history, untill 30.000 BC...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Turkish Professor Suspended over Tweet

by Robert Jones
June 7, 2016 at 4:30 am


    Professor Bardakcioglu is under a disciplinary investigation launched by the university's rector for his tweet, in which he criticized the conquest of Constantinople in 1453.

    After losing his job and being condemned and ostracized by his community, Bardakcioglu defined his deleted tweet as "an ugly and wrong expression that was not my own view." The professor, sadly, apologized for telling the truth.

    Publicly debating historical events recognized by most scholars in free societies is, in Turkey, a criminal offense. You can lose your job, your freedom or even your life.

    Turkish state officials constantly claim there is nothing in Turkey's history that they should be ashamed of, so they continue persecuting and jailing journalists or professors who express differing ideas, and slaughtering non-Muslims and non-Turks.

Erbay Bardakcioglu, a professor at Adnan Menderes University (AMU) in Aydin Province in western Turkey, was suspended after posting a tweet, in which he criticized the conquest of Constantinople, present-day Istanbul, in 1453.

Professor Bardakcioglu's tweet, on May 29, read, "Today is the anniversary of the invasion of Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, a magnificent civilization, by a barbaric and fanatic tribe."

After the tweet caused outrage on social media, Bardakcioglu deleted it.

The professor is now under a disciplinary investigation launched by the university's rector for his tweet. The university's rector, Cavit Bircan, on his Twitter account, also condemned the professor and declared that he was laid off from his job.

Describing Bardakcioglu's tweet as "unacceptable," Bircan wrote:

    "After our terrorism-loving academics, we now have Byzantium-loving academics. Let them know that the sons of the Hira Mountain [where Muslims believe Muhammad received his first revelations from Allah] will definitely and once again defeat the sons of the Olympic Mountain"