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"E.T. Dreamcatcher" - Chapter 3 (Part 1)

Extraterrestrial Dreamcatcher

CHAPTER 3 (Pt 1).
                               THE CREATURE.
     So, it was time for the journey...
     I jumped into one of the innumerable caves of the planet, which were formed by its intense geological activity. Some new ones had been also created because of the present turbulence.
      I started to descend to the center. "Falling" through the cracks of the planet’s crust, through shocking conditions, I started to attain high speed. Behind me, the light of the surface was lost and, as I was descending, I found myself in complete darkness - which, however, didn't last long.
     Later, the lava that was around, lit up the environment. As I was approaching the core, where the transition would take place, I started to sense the extremely high temperature. Approaching the "zero point" at the border, a little away from the core, where the gate also lies, I met the creatures that guard the core. They are immaterial, with something that looks like wings, but without feathers behind them, ethereal.
     These are the creatures that we call "harmonizers". They control the transition from our dimension to somewhere else or our arrival from elsewhere - something like passport checks in the "womb" airports. Our good cooperation is owed to the fact that for them, also, the planet's energy is life-giving and, given that we, five-dimensionals, help to balance the planet, we must and need to cooperate with each other.
     The "harmonizers" had a strange appearance. Their body was made of a solid material like gel, of mainly orange color, and transparent, as if it was molded. Their form was human-like, with big wings. They didn't have internal organs, but, in their jelly body, there were seven to eight big colored "cells", like pellets, of a human eye size, which moved inside their body, according to the actions they wanted to perform. They interacted with each other through the fibers and neurons that were included in the "gel", creating, among them, bright uniting lines that changed colorings. They looked, in reference to the colors, like those impossible luminous squid and other unthinkable creatures that live in the darkest depths of the terrestrial seas and bare those magnificent electric colors.
     Through the infinite combinations that those full of capabilities pellets could form, and through the "gel" with the infinite possibilities that covered them, they could do whatever they wanted.

     So, the moment I had reached down -near the core-, the "harmonizers" surrounded me.  They were all around me and they formed, with their limbs, a luminous plasma sphere, which enclosed me.
     Then they left, but the sphere that enclosed me remained and I began to descend, inside it, towards the core.
     Then, the sphere was gradually squeezed in the middle and it became like an hourglass, without, however, touching my body. And then an explosion happened and I was flung -rather transported- like wildfire to my destination, which was notified to and pre-agreed upon with the "harmonizers".
     Reaching, ultimately, the border of the planet I had chosen as my destination, passing through the dark exit to another distant stellar system, something unexpected happened!

     As I was approaching the planet there, I was noticed!
     They were culturally and biologically developed. They had special, highly developed receptive abilities, both telepathic and communicative. So they "saw" me come. As I approached the planet (my destination), I heard, telepathically, a message.
     I was told, inside my mind, that they welcomed me friendly. They said they were inhabitants of an adjacent stellar system. They had come there to help the natives in a serious threat they faced. Not only them, but their whole planet was threatened, and they explained to me that, if they didn't resolve this issue, their own stellar system would be threatened at some point, too.

    They briefly asked me to meet at a place of specific coordinates on the ground and they implied that they wanted my help, as a creature of superior abilities that I was. I had different abilities in comparison to them. We belonged to the same substance "category", but I belonged to a race much more ancient than theirs. We had the ability of teleportation, even to other worlds. We could be invisible, immaterial, for as long as we liked. We were more developed in terms of structure.

     But they were incredibly strong in spirit. They had telepathic abilities and very developed collective consciousness. Thus, they had obtained full consciousness of their environment and they could handle it to their advantage. They had also managed -long ago- to travel successfully in their galaxy system, something that rendered them able to notice the danger and thus intervene in their adjacent planet, when they saw there was no alternative.
     They had also noticed me coming from afar, oblivious of the situation. All my being permitted me from denying them my help...
     When I reached the contact point, I saw them. It was five white figures, very pale, white as snow! With dark hair! There, in a gorge where they had installed a station, I landed and I introduced myself to them. They narrated to me the event and their problem.
     So they told me that the native civilization of the planet where we were was developed to the point of manufacturing a great machine that could "touch" other dimensions.

     Therefore, some time ago, some crazy scientists that searched for "divinity", for "God", created a passage that let an “allochronic”...- or should I say “heterochronic”?- creature of another, completely different dimension, invade their space. The lousy "Divinity researchers" transported it, without any precautions.
     Of course! Since they did it unwittingly...!

By Maria Ballos

    To be continued...

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