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"E.T. Dreamcatcher" - Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Extraterrestrial Dreamcatcher

CHAPTER 2 (Pt 2).
     My planet wasn't friendly to any form of life. Meteors fell continuously on its surface and it was unstable because of quakes, volcanoes and turbulences of any other kind.

     But we, five-dimensional creatures, weren't affected by that. It was the "mother" that cared for us regularly. This planet had small gravity - at least for us- so it was feasible and relatively easy for us to suspend a little above its surface and travel like this.

     The disorders of the planet were moderated by the "harmonizers" in its center who lived in the core (we shall talk later about our companions here).

    On a bench in the yard of my "house", under the shade of a big walnut tree, Uzma, Shaarly and I were sitting together and talking. They wanted to know about my journey.
    "What was it like where you’ve been the last time?" asked Shaarly.
    "It’s been a long and difficult journey. But you know... I like going there", I answered him.
    "You always make the same mistake", said my friend, Uzma, insinuating things she kept telling me about in similar conversations in the past.
    "I don't consider it a mistake. I have left something unfulfilled there and I feel that when the right time comes I’ll have to complete it", I answered her.
     Uzma let out a kind of ornery breath of self-restrain. She was nervous...
    “What's the unfulfilled thing you are talking about… since you’ve already made your appearance in the third dimension?…  Are you thinking of trying again?" she said loudly, in a tone of voice that demanded an answer…
    "Yes, I’d like to go back to the Earth", I answered, preoccupied.
    "How many chances did you have to go there since you were created?" Shaarly asked me.
    "Since I got to know this planet with these third-dimensional creatures, I had the chance to travel there three times", I said to him... and I continued: "Since I got interested and went to that planet for the first time, I found the proper combination of parents three times. Every time, my parents offered me, each one separately, one third of the chromosomes that were compatible with me so that I could enter as the other third..." I explained and took a breath before I continued.
    "The rest one third is supplemented by me, in order to constitute the D.N.A. of the new human, of the new being that will host my spirit..."
     I stopped and looked at the planets that were visible on the sky.
    "When you are an inhabitant of that planet", I continued after a while, "the Earth, you feel this triadic thing dominating your life and you try to analyze it. You seek your origin throughout your life... you are annoyed by the unknown data of the other two donors. You wonder, without realizing it, where they also came from once. Their primitive memories are kept inside you, as well as the previous lives that you always carry in your cells", I said, and my memory was immediately flooded be images from my journeys.
    "Three times, huh?" Shaarly asked as if he soliloquized.  This planet had intrigued him and he asked me for more information about it.
    "Yes, but he caught at once the virus of wanting to return there..." Uzma said, with a sour puss. "Doing this…" she continued, "…the only thing he'll manage is to be at risk of engagement, because he consumes energy that will be necessary for our rise, when the time comes. That's why we have to be two creatures attached to all energy flows, otherwise we won't get the necessary vibration and, when the time comes, we'll be considered incomplete. And I 'm WAITIIIIIIING!!!" she screamed!
     She stood up, her body changing many colors, too many! This happened to her every time she got emotional. Shaarly and I, prudently, didn't react, so that she wouldn't burst, but just waited for her to find her self-command.                
     When she calmed down, she sat with us again. She huddled on a pillow on the floor like before and calmed down.
    "And you, Uzma, how many times did you find compatible chromosomes?" Shaarly asked her.
    "Many times, but I don't think it's interesting to have to go to the initial stages of their civilization, because I won't be able, for as long as I stay there, to have access to higher powers", she said, preoccupied.
    "I will go, though, before the transition of their species to another dimension" she added decisively. "The sight will be unique and, with the information they are given (...), they will be more ready technologically, thus I’ll be able to cover my needs in relation to the universe's superior powers..." she finished enigmatically.
    "You, Shaarly?" she asked him.
    "I've never been there, nor have I looked at it, to be honest. I know, though, that, in order to elevate, I have to go past an inferior dimension, so that I can test myself, spot my shortcomings. Thus, a journey there is necessary, rather inevitable, I would say", Shaarly answered.
    "But why do you want to go there again?" my friend asked me next.
     I looked at him, I rested my hands on the table, I joined my palms and, with a quick pull, I revealed a cigarette, which contained a kind of weed. As I put it in my mouth and began to smoke it, Uzma came and sat next to me in a blink of an eye.
    "A reason, though, that would make me go to that planet sooner, is its unbelievable chlorophyll..." she said, turning green, and she grabbed it and disappeared with a laugh. After a while, I saw her sitting and smoking, marveling the view from the yard of my house, absorbed in her thoughts.
    "Tell me, why do you like it so much there?" Shaarly asked me again.
     After I had made a second cigarette with the miraculous chlorophyll from the Earth, so that I could put him again in an earthy mood, I lit it and started narrating my story.
    "...When I decided my descent to the Earth for once again, I found a combination of chromosomes in a couple, in an area called Hellas, and, specifically, in a city of that area, which is called Sparta. That time, in the whole surrounding area, there was a mass flow of great spirits, coming from various stellar systems. Their aim was to awaken the species there, cultivating their spirit. So I considered it was a very nice moment for me to attend that prosperity of theirs. Judging also from the rise of their civilization...”
     I started narrating how I had grown up there. At the same time, all my space started to offer plenty of images of various dimensions, about my fascinating, but harsh Spartan life.
     As Shaarly watched what I went through, also started to change colors, according to his mood in relation to the image of my three-dimensional life, which he watched like a movie before his eyes.
     However, when my life on the Earth reached the first years after my adolescence, his colors stopped changing or moving. They stopped completely! It was the moment he saw me armed, taking a deep breath in order to find the courage and waiting, ready for war, as one of the three-hundreds, for the greatest opposing army ever confronted on the Earth.
     He watched the battle to the end. The tragic, unbelievably epic and transcendent end! An end that would be incised for ever on the earth history! He looked at me...
   "Do you think it ended too quickly?" he asked me, gathering what would be self-explanatory for everyone that knew me, even a little.
    "Yes", I answered without thinking twice, without hesitation in my voice. "I liked the faith we had in each other. All pulled together! And you shouldn't forget that the needs are different in the earthy dimension, as are the weaknesses. I got a strong emotion with those terrestrials - that’s why I often travel to them. The combinations of the people of that earthy race with my primary elements are more easily synchronized in comparison with those of other races of the same planet", I answered trying to transfer the emotion to him.
    "I get it..." said Shaarly and stood up.  "That's why I haven't been there yet. If I go, I hope I'll choose a good era, so that I'll be safe and my presence there won't be violently and unexpectedly interrupted, as happened to you. I wouldn't like that at all", he said and immediately flew out of my house to leave.
     One of the following days, something shocking would happen on our planet. We could see it on our sky for a long time, now. It was the most beautiful, the most intense sight. A big meteor was approaching. It had formed a very luminous line on the firmament that was visible for a long time now - besides, our vision wasn't limited; it reached very far away...
     We gladly waited for the meteor… We wouldn't do anything ourselves in order to avoid the collision. Obviously, we were used to counting on the "harmonizers" completely. They had the supervision. They protected us. We (almost) feared nothing...
     The collision itself, the explosion and its thrust power -which, as mentioned, wasn't able to hurt us- was very intense and that's how we experienced it. It changed the magnetism of the planet and it temporarily affected each one's "house".
     I experienced the results of this tremendous collision hand-in-hand with the neighbor. We felt millions of particles penetrating us, amazingly accelerated by the collision; passing through our five-dimensional bodies, while we couldn't really feel them... The sensation resembled that of a three-dimensional body run through by a weak electrical current. We knew, however, that the collision would generate changes to our "home", although nothing was unconquerable, or even difficult. We all were perfectly adapted creatures. Let's not forget the help of the "harmonizers", our vigilant guards - protectors.
    The violent turbulence of our stellar home, the planet, resulted in the expected consequences (this always happened in similar situations). The planet would shake for long and the poles would probably be reversed. Magnetic turbulences would emerge, along with clouds of dust and gases. This entire deranged situation in the ground activated the cell of the planet, through which channels and passages were created, as well as deep caves and holes. Therefore, whoever wanted and whoever could or had permission could pass, dive into the passages and get out of our planet the way they chose. One of these ways was the way I came back with the bubble-ship: a simple journey. The other way offered everybody the chance to go to an inferior dimension, i.e. to the Earth, where the transition would be considered as "birth". It was the passage!
     The planet "opened" its gates every once in a while and it allowed us to travel, if we wanted to. However, the place where we wanted to go to should satisfy the appropriate conditions, of course. That is, as I said before, there should also be the appropriate pair of humans, or natives, anyway, who would provide the transition or reproduction "vessel". As long as all of these applied, the transition was possible.

     A little before all this happened, all three of us were at Shaarly's house, waiting for the events. His house was really something! Entering his place, we were literally taken and lifted by an anti-gravity power and we suspended into a black void. We instantly began to swirl in crazy rhythms. Soon, as we were searching there in the dark, we spotted Shaarly, who was swirling wildly, too, laughing.
     He always liked to see the first reaction of whoever came to his "spot". This was his "house". We rotated, like satellites, around an inexistent planet, in absolute nothing, and the incessant motion tickled us, causing euphoria.  That's how he liked to "relax", to live. Free, without walls and limitations...
     Thus, laughing and incessantly rotating, the three of us started talking for this new chance of transition.
     I told them I wanted to leave again.
     Uzma responded immediately.
    "Don't do it again so soon. These successive transitions to earthy creatures may cause you side effects in the end. Your ability to come back may reduce; you may not be able to return easily. Thus you may be trapped in that space-time and we may not see you again for a long time... Going there is a big challenge. Going to inferior dimensions we change completely. We almost have no memory of our previous situation, we don't know how to leave, and we are incapable of everything! We can only live according to the local specifications and hope, inside, that, through our actions in that world, we will receive mention and be promoted to better, maybe superior creatures... but that will be HERE, after we die there...
     If your actions are not righteous, what comes back here from you is less than what left. If the "borrowed" two thirds of the chromosomes that you will use in order to materialize there, are a bit "faulty" and you serve them, that may subtract many privileges in our world... That is, valuable qualities that you may need a long time to repossess..."
     Her voice changed a bit in the end, showing her honest worry for me.
    "Why don't you try to go to other five-dimensional worlds or somewhere else?" Shaarly asked me as we were rotating continuously.
      But he received an immediate answer from Uzma.
    "Maybe because he has been so many times to that world with that genetic code, that he has very much of it inside him. Now it may be dangerous for him to "incarnate" in another environment, in another form. He may lose his substance, which he has obviously invested to the world where he goes, to the Earth", and, turning to me, she continued.
    "At least don't reincarnate there, go for a visit like you did the last time, otherwise you must wait to die there in order to come back. You may lose a part of yourself, if that happens. I don't want to lose you for a long time!"
     Her anxiety, as well as her nervousness, showed clearly in her voice now.
   ...And we said all this while still rotating in Shaarly's house...

    "Don't worry, I said to her, "I 'm not planning to incarnate without you, since the time that you have decided to make your first journey there is coming. I absolutely want us to be peers and to live all the experience there together... We’ll surely manage to meet.  We’ll choose adjacent areas to be born, we'll meet. But I want to make one more journey before that. I’ll go somewhere else and I won't reincarnate. Don' worry", I repeated, seeing the disappointment in the colors of her breath and breeze.
     This time she remained silent.
    "There’s no reason to be afraid. It'll only be a visit..." I added, trying to reassure her.
      "Maybe I'll try a journey now, too", Shaarly butted in. We didn't pay attention to him. We had let ourselves rotate incessantly in his world...


By Maria Ballos

    To be continued...

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