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"E.T. Dreamcatcher" - Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Extraterrestrial Dreamcatcher

CHAPTER 2 (Pt 1).
     Somewhere in time...
    …I was rapidly swirling around. I was in a vortex...
     Everything was passing before my eyes at a terrific velocity, such that the image that reached my brain through my eyes didn't identify with the one I was looking at. It was distorted.
     I was in my "ship" now; a bubble-shaped malleable plasma ship. However, the material around me had nothing to do with a soap-bubble. It was hard and impermeable at the same time, as well as mutable in shape. It was kind of alive!
     This vehicle was provided by the "harmonizers" for our interstellar journeys...

    My ship's force had increased as I was giddily swirling around. It was full of energy. At some point that I started to adjust my vision to the rotation, I realized that I was over a yellowish surface, which looked like a desert... I didn't miss the opportunity to approach.

     Then, little balls started growing and blowing on the outside of the ship.
     This sensation almost upset me physically. The bubble I was in started to inflate and stretch and, suddenly, an explosion happened and all the colored little balls that it tossed to the sky hurtled all over the surface underneath me, which appeared to be a field...
     Yes, it was a field with some crops like ears, and the little balls, falling on it, created a crop circle!
     Watching it from above, I saw the drawing I created. It was some triangulated, maybe squared drawings of little animals, with straight lines and angles, which surrounded a peacock. A peacock that had opened spectacularly its tail's feathers and, with the many eyes of its tail it watched the whole sky.
     I liked my painting very much.
     I started swirling again. I started suspending again over the field and going up and down...
     Later, my ship found the appropriate invisible transport beam (the one that had initially been activated so that I could descend to the planet) and, entering it, I was led outside the atmosphere...
     After I had rotated sometimes around the Earth, taking advantage of its orbit's energy and of its gravity, I headed to the right spot.
     In that specific spot there was, placed by the transport gate, the transition promoter, a concentrated mix of organic and mineral elements, which is necessary for the transition through the gates. It was invisible; I went on autopilot and when I got there my vehicle collided against it with tremendous force. The sensation was like I had collided to an invisible drum, which flung me to the nearest gate of the solar system.
     The route after the entrance was amazing! Although it was rapid, I saw myself passing slowly by the stars and their planets, as if I was suspending among them.
     It was a fantastic journey! The best view in the universe! The stars were infinite and their light reached me from everywhere.
     This would end to the right passage that I had to find in order to go back.
     So, when that happened, I found myself at another place, at another world, in another dimension…
     Ιn another galaxy; next to a star; in its inhabited zone; On a planet rotating around it, to be exact...
     I was right above it, and I was hovering a little over its ground...
     I moved parallel to the surface searching for...
     I knew what I was looking for. I was looking for my hearth, my home on the planet. It felt like home, more than anywhere else, as the "womb" that took care of me was right there.
     It was my home!
     That "womb" was the bioenergy spot of the planet that corresponded to me. The one that was exclusively mine! When I was in there, I could form my environment as I liked. I could be, for example, in a farm next to a lake or in a city, on a mountain, in another world...

     As I was "flying" and trying to reach the hearth, I felt sweaty, very sweaty. I felt my skin slimy, like the snail's skin. My "ship" - the one made of the special harmonizers' material - was melting. It had fulfilled its purpose.
     It was time to descend. Moving over adjacent grounds, I saw what I had configured to be my home, at least for the time being.
     I saw my neighbors' houses, not as they had made them, but as I "was making" them according to my personal sense of space, according to my personal images. This way, I could see the landscape as I liked it.
     So I was entering a residential area. After an agonizing effort, as I was starting to feel tired, at last I reached, my home, my hearth!
     There, as I said, I was always in the best possible physical condition. The hearth, which was something like a mother to me, provided me with all the energy that I needed in order to do whatever I wanted:
     Configure my environment, travel, transfer to other dimensions, change...

   …Uzma's house was commodious, warm, and full of melodic sounds, with a pool and a big yard; with a garden full of plants and flowers, near a magnificent beach, on a knoll... She had taken the images from me and she enjoyed their beauty.
     That's what she wanted the landscape where she lived at that time to be like. She was easily bored by the same environment for too long and she changed her «space» often. She was a neighbor and a very good friend of mine. We had been evolving together for a while.
     She was a creature like me, like everyone on the planet, where everyone's figure is based on that of humans - although we differ in powers.
     All inhabitants here are constantly young. When the body develops in its final form, time stops.
     When Uzma realized I was back, she visited me immediately.  She had been waiting for me to come back for too long. I was late this time...
    "Did you pass through the space-time fissure again?" she asked me when she saw me in the yard of my house.
     My house was a detached house with a yard, commodious but simple, with a garden.
    "Did you go to that planet again?" she asked me, knowing that I liked to travel to that remote corner of the "other universe" through the gate.
     I used to go there often since I found this place…
     I liked it! It was a planet inhabited by intelligent creatures… Its name was Earth... That's what my friend and neighbor meant.
    "Why are you so involved with them?" her voice was heard asking again.
     She insisted, she always insisted, she asked all the time, she wanted to know, she wanted to know everything.
    "Well, you know me", I answered her and I closed my eyes. I concentrated. I couldn't go on talking. It was the time I was being "recharged" by the womb, my home.
    "Why do you do that to yourself?" she asked me again as she was seated across me, watching what I was doing. I didn't answer.
    "I care about you...", she continued, blowing towards me a little cloud of purple smoke, which, in a few, very few seconds, wrapped around me and…
     That's what was exciting about her! Her sentiment! Her thought!  That's how the creatures of this dimension communicate. She showed me what she had in her heart, her care, her worry about me. Her Love!
     Her purple sentiment flooded me. I felt everything she wanted to tell me. I hadn't spoken yet… And I wasn't going to speak, at least for the time being…

     As soon as I felt I was full of energy, I left, I went away, I suspended to the other end of the horizon, away from her, alone.
     I found myself on the edge of a huge cliff, where I stood in order to feel the intensity and the force of the wind that was raging beneath me.
     Gusts of wind, on the right and left, were whipping my face and I got an inexplicable pleasure, I felt satisfaction and calmness…

    ...On the next day, I got up in order to go to work... Every one of us worked while we were at home, on the planet. It was necessary in order to support our space.  It provided us with everything. That is, our valuable energy. We balanced the dynamic of the planet so that it would be useful and friendly to us, to its children. It gave birth to us, as well as to our special powers.
     A friend of mine, Shaarly, came to work with me and we flied there together. At that place there was a "construction" from luminous spirals, of live colors, which formed, altogether, an obelisk with perfect proportions; a high pyramidical "construction" with four sides. Then, each one of us "entered" one of the empty colored spirals in order to work. All of them were like small rooms. Each one was alone in his own room.
     So I entered one of them -the burgundy one, to be exact-, and I started to become one with the color, without material substance, and to obey to an invisible order.
     I don't know where the order came from (the universe, maybe?), but it contained clear directions about what I had to do.
     I had to deal with some "guy" on another planet. I had to motivate him to perform an action. An action that needed inspiration and that was absolutely necessary for the further smooth course of all dimensions in the specific space.
     My mission, therefore, was to help "push" an "idea". Someone had to perform a specific action and I had to undertake it, so that it is actualized and thus everything takes its right course in fate.
     All of us, who were there, all creatures, always had something to work on. We wanted to create. We liked it. Besides, we had an innate inclination to evolve. We could and we did it. We had the supervision of a very big space in the vast universe, but whenever we interfered was for senior purposes: for other creatures' evolution, in order to help them understand complex concepts that they did not yet fully understand. And the space we controlled was huge...

By Maria Ballos

    To be continued...

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