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"E.T. Dreamcatcher" - Chapter 1 (Part 5)

Extraterrestrial Dreamcatcher

     There was nothing known or unknown, something real or a fantasy of our existence that it could not absorb. A creature of an unknown dimension! As it fiercely sucked only one flying insect among thousands of others that unluckily were there, with the same rage it annihilated, by sucking from far away, a whole river, which I saw passing over my head along with its watersides, the creatures and all the plants that were alongside and inside it, and being swallowed by the voracious monster.

    ...It did the same to my thoughts, to my feelings...To a bit of my mass, to the white part of my eyes, leaving my eyes transparent...
     Everything went away.
     As simple as that!
     And got lost inside it... Eventually, having lost "various" things, as you have understood, doctor, I made an ultimate effort to concentrate.
     I looked at it and wondered.
     How am I going to manage? How? It was difficult! I was afraid.
     Oops! It sucked a part of my sentiment inside it! I was confused!
     I was looking at it bewildered and I heard its rabid screeching. Then, as I gaped at it in astonishment, an arm nearly touched my shoulder. I was frightened! I was aroused with fear so much, that all my fingernails were violently removed. All ten started bleeding immediately. And the blood started to surge high over the fence I was hiding and leave towards the creature, too. Even the pain cry was lost! It went inside it! Everything went to the creature...
      As I turned, I saw that the arm that had touched me on my shoulder belonged to a girl with snow-white porcelain-like skin and coal-black curly thick hair that had approached me right that moment.
     Without talking to her, I stayed bent over there observing her.
     She gave me an intense and hard look with those strange, dark and glanceless eyes of hers... She telepathically explained to me that we had to trap it.
     With a fierce sound, like the creature's sound, I would dare say, she started shouting, showing me behind.
     I didn't understand at first and I looked at her, numb.
    "Run, ruuun!!" she screamed again. Her shouts unstuck me and I started running in panic towards where she showed me, knowing that the creature would come after me.
    "Run..." I felt the alien woman shout, but her voice didn't reach my ears in its entirety. The creature had taken her inside along with her cry, while it had taken its flames out and was chasing me.
     It was chasing me, taking years of my existence inside it... It even took my shadow, which I saw loosing as I was running. It removed it violently from between my legs...
     I wish I could make it, I thoug…
     Oops! This is gone, too!
      It was the moment I felt my right shoulder burning. Then I remember that I activated some inner powers in order to manage. I don't know what kind of powers those were, but I tried very hard to make it...
     A second sense of burning in my shoulder followed, as I was running desperately to escape. I was running, feeling that I was losing my mind now...
     I also saw my spirit ready to come out so the creature could suck it separately, too!  I saw it coming out of me like smoke! My spirit! And, as I was lifted for a moment up in the air, my right arm was violently detached, moving away from me, too...
     And then... Everything yellow, hard, and then nothing. I have no more images... The next thing I remember is much later, when I was in the ship, in the "capsule"...
     Silence for a moment...
    "Do you understand doctor?" I said then again. "That creature was something very different from the gods and demons we know! It came from where there is nothing, from a place we know nothing about..."
     I looked at him and continued.
    "Somehow it came here and we had to send it back to where it came from, before it sucked all the black holes of our own universe. We hope -good ones and bad ones of our world- NEVER to see it again. We had to send it back at all costs..." and here my narration faltered.

    "May I go back? …home? When?" I asked with sincere agony in my voice. I had ultimately struggled, with plenty of self-sacrifice, to face the primeval, awful creature that had come to annihilate us all! I had been missing for a lifetime -that's how it felt- from my world.
    "What can I say?" said the doctor, hesitating. "All your tests show that you are in a natural and normal process. The kind of your organism differs, in terms of abilities, from the creatures I have healed. Theoretically, you are ready, but you know better, now" were his words.
    "What's happened with the creature, do you know anything?" I asked him.
    "What I know is that the creature has been destroyed with your help while the maps and drawings that show from where it came have been obliterated.  The universe is indefinite... Who knows..." he answered to me enigmatically.
      After some time, I was ready to leave the clinic.
     I went with the doctor to the same place on the blue planet where I had landed when I had got there in the beginning.
     In a while, a ship, same as the first one, came down to pick me up.
     It was time for goodbye...
    "Doctor, thank you very much for all you have done for me", I said to him.
    "I’ll try to make a journey like yours, but in my own way. I wish we met sometime in another world. We'll have much to say..." he said to me with a smile as if he was reserving a surprise for me...
    "I hope so!" I answered smiling, without insisting further on that matter. "So some way I could return the help and friendship you offered me", I added, gladly contributing to the implications of the moment...
     We laughed and, after we said a warm goodbye, I boarded in order to leave the beautiful blue planet behind.

By Maria Ballos

    To be continued...

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