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"E.T. Dreamcatcher" - Chapter 1 (Part 4)

Extraterrestrial Dreamcatcher

     When I started to pay more attention to the "blue" man and watch him more thoroughly, I discovered that he also used to visit us every day to our properties, just like the doctor.  And he brought, separately, to each one of us patients, water, vegetables, fruit and that fibrous pie that looked like bread, cheese -I don't really know what it was, but it was tasty.

     Sometime I noticed, to my surprise, that on the right, about three miles away from my property, was the blue peoples’ village: small, square, colorful little houses, close to each other.
     Every morning I saw the blue peasants gather and leave the village altogether - possibly to go to their fields and to their work. On a daily basis -and always from my field- I saw three or four of them come to the clinic (when all of us patients were away) and bring or take things, always upon agreement with the doctor, who waited there for them, every day, same hour.
     However, the only one of them whom I saw closely was the "blue man with the mustache", who came to my property to bring my snack.
     His color was not exactly blue, but rather a combination of light blue and gray. His figure was a little shorter and fatter than mine, while, as I said before, he had black hair and a beard.
     I didn't feel surprised that I saw them. I felt like I had seen different creatures before.
     In some conversations that I had later with the doctor, he gave me some information on them. That their planet has perfect life conditions, without any extreme weather events. Also, that it is never completely dark -something that I noticed later- and that this is due to a second, farther star whose light constantly reaches there, making the night look like an endless twilight (as we know it on the earth)...
     The blue people's culture resembled the terrestrial one, but from past centuries. Rural life, near nature, was enough for them. Since their planet was placed under "galactic protection" their inhabitants felt good, happy and safe.
     They knew and felt for sure that the "aliens" that put them under their protection, the “confederation”, were civilized and peaceful, so they wouldn't put them in danger.
     Although they could enjoy the benefits of the super-developed technology in medicine, agronomy, bio-therapy, energy etc. that were offered to them by the contact with the galactic alliance, they were not interested in understanding the operation of all those. They didn't want to know more.
     In case they wanted, however, they could travel on the ships as crew, but only few of them chose to do that and then everybody asked to come back, since they all liked only rural life on their planet.
     The doctor, as I mentioned before, was a famous therapist in the entire known “world” there... He healed via technology, as well as telepathically, various "special" cases (medical ones...) of the galaxy inhabitants -and mine seemed to be one of those cases. He liked science and he was continuously on the search for difficult situations. He liked research, therapy, exploration and knowledge.
     I felt -he helped me understand- that he considered my recovery and my successful transition to my world a kind of honor. This corresponded to the sense I got from the "doctors" in the ship with the "capsule". They had also worked on me a lot, as I had other physical problems as well, which had been successfully cure; just as the doctor of the "blue" planet did all this time.
     When I was in the room, laid on the seemingly uncomfortable bed, the doctor determined, with unbelievable machines he had at his disposal, what I needed in order to get well. He also performed operations on me from his consulting room, with tools of developed technology, during my sleep.
     And, every time I lied down in my room, I slept immediately till the next morning...
     When the doctor was in the clinic he passed most of his time in the rooms that where downstairs on the right, in the place where he was the only person to enter.
     There were two rooms there, corresponding to the rooms on the left, where I used to go. His consulting room was there, as well as his apartment, his private place.
     When all of us were upstairs in our rooms he also went to the big computer on the other side, only to make some adjustments necessary for each one of us. Then most of the functions were performed by the computer alone and the doctor could control it from his room.
     ...As time passed by, everything improved for me. I started to see things that I didn't see before. Feelings, thoughts... I even felt physically better.
     At some point I started to wonder about what had happened to me...
     The doctor worked on me continually, performing lots of research and operations on my body, until I acquired a good physical condition, thus it was the right moment for the lost memories to return to my mind. To learn what had happened to me, why, and what happened in the end... and he worked very much on this, activating, at last, after many efforts, the brain cells of the first memories.
     That's how we came to the point where all started to unravel.
     So, one morning we found ourselves again at the known place for the known therapy.
    "I want to learn what happened then", the doctor told me and he continued: "Last night I completely reformed the abnormalities of your brain that were caused by the unfortunate incident. Although trying to recreate the damaged tissues of your brain structure -which is unknown to our world-, was very difficult, I believe I succeeded".
     He seemed to have waited long for the moment I would be able to describe to him what had happened.

     As my memories came back, I began to tell the doctor that, at some place in the universe, some "mistake" had happened. "Something" (!) appeared, which was very dangerous. It was literally from another world, different from ours! We didn't know its habits or its thoughts...

     And I began to describe what he wanted to find out...

    "I felt very intensely the weirdness of this creature, as I was sitting bent over behind a half-wrecked fence. On the other side of the fence there was a ground floor construction with a big French door. As I gradually raised my head, I stood there speechless looking at the creature...
     I could see a figure like a shadow, thrashing about inside the building and bending ceaselessly in rage, opening the tens of its limbs that looked like black flames and screeching in despair...! (I described the scene as I remembered it...)
   ...I was bent over, hiding, and I looked at it in terror...
    I felt there was incredible power inside the house, which, however, didn’t destroy it; I saw it sucking some rocks that rolled on it violently from the outside and got lost in its black body; an unlucky four-legged animal "bursting" on it, drifted by the wind and also getting lost, unfairly, in it...
     The creature I had before me was really unique!
     Then I saw it sucking the last colors from the outside walls around it, screeching louder. It seemed as it was eating whatever it chose, having a strange way of selecting what it would annihilate... Its next victim was a creature that looked like a human, tragic...
     It was shocking when I saw it pulling thoroughly some leaves from a nearby tree without bothering the rest of the tree...
     As I was watching in terror the catastrophe the creature was spreading, I started to shiver and, suddenly, I felt the creep detaching from my body along with all the hairs that were pulled up; and all this being lifted up and getting lost inside it...
     I was petrified...
     I bended over in order to get together and I saw some of the rays from the star that was lighting the place reaching the creature and being absorbed by it, too. And the creature was expanding, without, however, demolishing the house.
     And it continued to suck -incessantly- colors, plants, sounds, water drops, me... Yes, me too!  I began to feel something... I tried to think of something.
     It took my thought too, I saw it...! It pulled it inside its body. It also pulled creatures that we didn't see and were afraid of...! I saw that it also took inside immaterial monsters...

By Maria Ballos

    To be continued...

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