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"E.T. Dreamcatcher" - Chapter 1 (Part 3)

Extraterrestrial Dreamcatcher

 CHAPTER 1 (Pt. 3)
     The next morning, when I woke up, I was in the room. I don't know how I came back from my field the day before.
     I don't remember... the only thing I know is that I simply was there...!
    "Go downstairs, please", the "voice" was heard again, and I went downstairs.
     The doctor was waiting again in the hall. He was friendly as always.
    "Come on, let's go", he said to me and we followed the same route again.
     When he left me at my field, giving me some advice that I don't remember now, I laid on the ground again and I let myself gaze at the unknown sky...
    "Oh! How nice it is! How nice...!" I said to myself in ecstasy, with eyes popped out.
    ...This continued also in the following days. I woke up in my room and then I found myself lying on the grass; from the bed to the grass...
     I didn't need anything else... I felt content.
     I don't know for how long this was happening. I didn't care. My mind wasn’t was travelling...
     Once, as I was laid down, I felt my eyes wet!
     What was that??! I wondered, surprised.
     I wiped the tears.
     My eyes were wet! A perfect feeling! It was the result of an emotion! I had no emotions until then...
     I didn't realize how much time had passed...

     Now, when the doctor left, I used to lie down on the grass and travel where I would never travel again... The days passed and I... was lost somewhere…        
     Until one day... that I didn't lie on the grass, nor did I look up like I used to, but everywhere and nowhere! It was a nice sensation, but of another type now. Things somehow changed in my mind.

     Once, as I sat gazing into infinity, I felt like somebody imprisoned me. Like they had caught me and I was trying to run away.
     Let me go, let me go.
     Oooooh! and a breath.
     Whewww! and a breath again. Nightmare!!
     Then I woke up again in my room and the "voice" prompted me... "Go downstairs" and I...
     I don't know... everything seemed like misty dreams.
     Leave me alone...
     Oooooh! Lately I've been fighting something without knowing what it is…!
     My eyes were wet some times, while some other times they burned as if somebody had thrust red hot iron in them...
     Breaths... Whew! Whew! Whew!
     Breaths and songs...
     There were some times I felt my eyes playing music. An unknown but beautiful music! As if the nature around me was singing through them!

     The days passed by. They passed by and every day the same happened. The "voice", the doctor, the grass... The same things, but at the same time so different...
     There must have been a long time. I didn't lie down on the grass any more. I just sat and "saw". I saw, because I realized that I had "eyes"! I saw what was made to be seen by my eyes!
     Because I had eyes!
     That was what impressed me then. The eyes!!
     How long had it been? I don't know... I didn't care. I had whatever I wanted!

     One morning, as I was sitting under one of the property's trees, I noticed, for the first time, the lines that were curved in my palm. As I observed them, suddenly I realized that this was my right hand!
     I don't remember for how long I had been looking at it. I could move it! I was clearly better!! The doctor's therapy was successful! There was some dysfunction left, but I could move it, at last...!
     As the days passed by, I generally got better and stronger.

     Another thing that made a great impression on me was the moment that, as I was sitting on my beloved grass, I noticed a small parcel next to me.
     I turned and looked around me.
     Who could have left this here? Ι wondered...
  ...And then I saw, at a small distance, a "blue" man walking away!
     It was a short "blue" man with a mustache. As I looked at him, he gave me a greeting nod to which I replied, and he left...
     I looked, in confusion, at the parcel he had left next to me. I opened it. In it there were some fruit, some kind of pie -like bread with cheese- and some liquid -water, I suppose- in a glass bottle. As I was watching the "blue" man walking away, I noticed that he had an animal with him. It looked like a mule - a very close species. My vision had started to shape the rest images that I couldn't see for so long!
     This continued for some days. My eyes were full of images. The meadow, the doctor, the "blue" man, the animals, the other patients...

     Until then, everything in my head was running fast and incoherently. I remember that many thoughts went through my mind. Every unidentifiable memory kept me occupied for a long time.

     I had the sense that those memories threw me "elsewhere" and I was lost in a turbulence of images and thoughts. Sometimes I must have been dizzy because of those thoughts.
     All this happened when I was outside, because when I was in my room I felt that my senses and my behavior were more stable.
     Later I realized that my room was also a "chamber", which provided me a kind of bio-energy medicine, through its atmosphere... By these means the doctor tried to regulate the function of my body, which was affected and changed after the "accident" I had.
     An event that I didn't remember, yet, at all...

     As time passed by, I began to notice some things that I had already been doing on my own for a long time! Such as, that I went now every morning to my property without the doctor, that I did some work there, I digged, I ploughed, I planted, I collected fruit from the trees I had been cultivating... my property was now full of goods.
     I began to realize (as, all this time, I hadn't noticed it) that, from my field -which was on a hill- I could see the clinic clearly. So, when I was there, I could now watch from afar the other patients coming out of the building one by one, on a regular basis, and heading to different straight directions. Each one of them headed to his field, along various spider web shaped courses that did not intersect each other.

     So, as my eyesight "widened", some day I saw the doctor go out of the clinic -when we had all gone to our properties- and head to the opposite property, which belonged to one of the patients, who was working on his land at that time.
     When the doctor arrived there, the patient set his work aside and they sat on the ground together and they talked for an hour or so (time is different)...
     Then the doctor left and walked to the next patient's field, where the same stuff was repeated.
     I didn't have eye contact with all the patients, nor did they with everyone else. However, I could see three of them. The distances among our lands were a bit long...
     The doctor always went to everyone on foot.
     So, sometime he came to me. I and the doctor went to a corner of my property, where there were about ten trees, in order to sit and talk. I realized then that this had been happening every day since I had started going to the property. So we sat down and began to talk about many different things. His time with me also was proportionate. Then he stood up and headed to the next patient.
     All this happened steadily every day. Everything seemed to repeat itself daily. What changed was my observations, my wonders and knowledge, the problem with my arm, which got better, my health.

     Gradually, the best hour of the day was marked by my daily conversations with the doctor in the property.

     Every time they took a more specific form.
     We talked about various subjects. The first one I remember -because my memory has not preserved the initial ones- was about the color of the flora and why it was green (on the planets where this was the case). The conversation was performed with mathematical terms that, surprisingly, were completely understood to me.
     All our conversations were interesting. Apart from many philosophical conversations, there were some informative ones. Later I realized that he was healing me through our talks, since he had -as a being- some special energy abilities.

    To be continued...

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By Maria Ballos
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