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"E.T. Dreamcatcher" - Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Extraterrestrial Dreamcatcher

  CHAPTER 1 (Pt. 2)

   ...As soon as I stepped on the ground, I saw the doctor waiting for me.

   He was taller than me, with short dark hair, and he wore a black uniform. It looked like a modern formal dress and its fabric seemed to be very special. I recognized it! It was the same as the fabric of the doctors' uniforms in the ship with the "capsule". It was probably made with "nanotechnology", it somehow looked alive.
   Gradually I understood that it offered various services to the person who wore it, i.e. it provided the body with stable temperature and developed physical strengths, it performed health analyses, and much more.
    The doctor's age would be -in terrestrial years- about 34. Mine was about 24, as far as I can remember. However, there was a difference from terrestrial time. I felt more experienced than 24, as though I had been 24 for many years, and for many years 23, 22..., and there will probably be many years until I reach 25, too...

     So, imagine for how many years the doctor had lived...!

     In the ship they had informed me that I would go to his clinic, but although I don't remember where I knew him from, I had heard of him as a scientist. He was familiar, as was his clinic.

    "Welcome! I’m the doctor, I've been waiting for you", he told me.
     I didn't see him move his lips. I heard him clearly, though - inside my mind. He communicated with me telepathically. I didn't answer. He nodded that we should go to his car, which was nearby.

     That vehicle had four wheels, a light steering wheel and a thin frame, from some metal unknown to me. And, the most important: it didn't have an engine - any kind of engine! It looked like a golf cart.
     As soon as we boarded, we set out. When we were a few yards away I turned and saw the ship that had disbarked me there, raising in the air and taking the way back. Nice sight.
    "We are heading to the clinic", the doctor informed me, telepathically again!
     There were no streets throughout the way. We were moving through a large -vast, I would say-, meadow. There was plenty of greenery, small forests and hills. Nowhere did I see high mountains.
     Some miles away, a beautiful clearing came into view. There, right in the middle, was his clinic.
     The building, in terms of architecture, looked like those of the earth.  It had three floors, with three tile roofs, a large main entrance, windows... while there was no fencing around it.
     The difference from our architecture focused in the fact that its roofs resulted to be very high, pointed and thin, like antennas. Likewise, the external vertical angles of the house had another construction style. There were rugged holes in them, from both sides. Over time, I realized that those special styles, with the air that they gathered and "processed", rendered the building energy independent. Bio-energy architecture!

     When we arrived, we entered the building through the large main entrance. In front of us there was a wide stairway, which we immediately climbed.
     As soon as we reached the first floor we turned left, and my room was at the first door we came across.
     Before I entered, the doctor said to me:
    "You‘ll stay here, until you are ready for further activities. Now get in to rest and if you need anything, just ask for it...”
     Then he opened the automatic sliding door and I went inside. The doctor talked to me telepathically and he was the reason that I could communicate with him.

     My room in the clinic, my new home, was generally small - like a cell. The only thing it contained was a wall-mounted bed! Absolutely nothing else was in there. What can I say about the bed... It was flat and concrete... like a bench, without sheets or pillows.  It was weird, but, although it seemed uncomfortable, sleep on it was perfect!
      That wasn't a simple bed. When I lied down, it provided scan information about my health to the doctor.
     In any case, although the room was small and without windows, I liked it very much. Maybe because I had been out "there" for so long, it offered me structure, warmth and safety. I felt good there - throughout my stay!

     After some time, I heard a rather feminine voice -it reminded me of the voice in the spaceship- that invited me to go downstairs to meet the doctor. The door opened automatically. I went out of the room and went down the stairs. On the left and right of the ground floor, in front of the stairs, there were two doors that led to two parallel halls across each other.
     The "voice" asked me to go to the hall on the left, as I did.
     There was a plain lounge there, and another hall further. After I approached the couch tentatively, I decided to sit down. However, I was overwhelmed by my curiosity about what was in the next room, so I leaned my head a little to take a look.
     I noticed that, throughout one of the walls, there was a super-computer. Gradually I realized that it was also energy independent. It was a building with developed possibilities in medicine, energy and EVERYTHING else necessary for such a facility...
     After a while, from the other side of the hall, the doctor appeared. We were seated and he started talking to me - normally, this time. He was moving his lips and I could hear his voice.
    "I am aware of what happened to you and I wanted very much to work on your case. You are a special case, which I gladly agreed to take on. I’ll try to help you heal. I simply want to inform you about the rules of the clinic", he said and stood up from the couch he was sitting.
    "There are also other patients here", he continued, "but now they are all in their rooms. They are there, because you are here now and that's how it always goes. Only one patient every time may be out of his room when we are all in the house. This happens because each one of you is here for a different treatment. Each patient needs his "special" way. It's for your own good. That is, you should not mix memories, experiences and knowledge that may affect the smooth evolution route for your transition to your worlds.
     He made two steps inside the room.
    "That is", he continued, "you come from many different systems. Some of you do not even know the existence of the other's world. It is some kind of "cosmic station" here.  But let's set this aside for the time being. I can see that you can't move your arm, but, according to your test results, it is all right. It simply needs some time. Now", he said flatly, as if my time with him was up, "go to your room to rest and, if you need anything, ask. I can always hear you. Remember that."
     I agreed, nodding with my head and I went back to my room.
     I must mention that I continued to be calm... and a little lost in non-existent thoughts.

In the next morning, as I was sitting in the room, I heard the "voice" calling me again. With its familiar metallic feminine tone, it asked me to go downstairs, where the doctor was waiting for me.

     Indeed, when I went downstairs I found him waiting for me in order to go out together. When we passed through the door we immediately turned right and followed a straight route for one or two miles, until we reached the top of an opposite hill.
    "This is your property", he said, "and you can do whatever you like here. We’ll provide you with the appropriate products and materials to work on. Here you can behave as you like. I believe that exercising here will help improve your arm, as well as your thought".
     I agreed with a nod and he left, leaving me alone.

     I was at an open-air beautiful place. I sat down immediately. I leaned my head back on the grass and breathed.

     I breathed like never before.

     I looked at that unknown sky, which felt so familiar! So familiar now to my own, very own eyes...
     I will never forget that first inhalation that filled my chest...!
     I don't know for how long I sat like this, in ecstasy! But from that moment on, my mind started to travel ceaselessly, and I couldn't stop the thoughts that mixed altogether inside it.

     I didn't know why this was happening; neither how, nor why... I couldn't concentrate on anything except marveling at the big blue of the sky...

   To be continued...

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   By Maria Ballos
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