Thursday, January 29, 2015

"E.T. Dreamcatcher" - Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Extraterrestrial Dreamcatcher

    Can an alien get caught in a Dreamcatcher? Is it likely that his organism, as a splinter, could snap parallel worlds together?
   A space history that, as psychology, surfs on the waves of the infinite universe.
   Read the story that began with an "anomaly" in a corner of the heavens, with a final destination, totally random, our beloved planet...

CHAPTER 1 (Pt. 1)
...When I opened my eyes I found myself in an oval "capsule bed".

     Lying still, I discovered that almost my whole right arm was missing! And that it was in a complete regeneration process in the capsule, developing nerves, tissue and bones in their initial form!
     I was wearing nothing, but I didn't feel naked. My body was bathed by an intense, thick, red light. I felt that light touching me. It looked like it was material. I could feel it continuously penetrating every pore of my body.
     A few hours after I was awake, I began to realize that I had possibly been in a coma due to an accident and that I was in some clinic now.

     The room was semi dark and rather commodious. The lighting was deem, mainly with blue lights, while there were oblong stripes on the ceiling, casting black light, this time. Many computers were around, with thousands of lights and buttons of various colors. The "capsule-bed" was also bathed, internally, by thick-red light that was "charging" my body, while an electric blue color surrounded it....
     These are the first images I have from the moment I woke up.

     I stayed there, lying still for some time.
     I had to stay still until my arm was fully regenerated.
     Throughout that period, only four doctors entered that room and monitored my condition: two tall, black-haired men and two women, rather light-colored. They always wore the same white uniforms, which seemed to be made of some very "special" fabric.
     At first, all four of them did not speak to me at all. They came in, looked at the data of my recovery process and left...
     I must say that all this time I was irritatingly calm, rather disciplined, I would say, to what I had to go through in order to recover. I didn't speak either. I simply looked at the room and examined the things that entered my visual field.
     I felt weird, as if I knew everything, knowing, at the same time, nothing!
     I felt lost some times...

     Over time, I realized that the chamber I was in was on a starship and that the starship was flying. Of course I had no idea about the size of the ship, or about the route of the journey, or about how long we had already traveled...
     A long time after, when my arm had been fully regenerated, the time for me to get out of the "capsule-bed" had arrived.
     Then, sadly I realized that, although my new arm seemed perfect on the outside, I couldn't move it!
     Therefore, one of the male doctors spoke to me for the first time. He explained to me that all the functions of my arm would soon return to natural levels and that there was no reason to worry about that. He also informed me that, as soon as we reached the "blue" planet, I would disembark and I would continue my therapy in the clinic that was there.
     The rest of the journey passed quietly, in general; without much talk. Besides, that was the way the doctors treated me, sparing of words. They gave me the impression that they didn't want to disturb me by any means. Nor did they want to tire me with thoughts and conversations. Seldom did they speak to me. I have to confess that they were very careful.

     A long time passed before we reached the "blue" planet. I kept staying in my chamber without doing many things. Sometimes I glanced over a star map on a computer monitor in my room and I started to examine it - especially when I heard through the speakers that we were passing near somewhere.
     Every time we happened to fly near some star system, a voice announced the name of the area that we were passing through. So, every time I searched more and more carefully to find our spot on that star map. Gradually I managed to perceive our route in the part of the sky I had in front of me.

     As I am thinking about it now, the main and most luminous stars of that map seemed to shape the constellation of Taurus...
     The course was generally peaceful. As far as I remember, we passed through some inhabited zones in that huge star area and I knew that all their inhabitants were civilized and that there wasn't any kind of threat.
     I must mention again that during all this period I was quite sober and relaxed! I had a continuous sense of inexplicable calmness.

     When we ultimately approached the "blue" planet, a part of the ship, which contained the chamber I was in, was unstuck from the main ship and continued its route to that planet...
     From that time on I also had visual contact with my destination through a big screen.
     I also saw, from the outside and for the first time, the mother ship that transferred me for so long. It was a huge spaceship, literally a star city. It's no use trying to describe it... It was inconceivable!
     When I entered the orbit of the blue planet with the transport ship, we stayed there for some days, until I was able to disembark. You see, I had been in space for so long, that I had to be also biologically ready to get off into gravity, I had to adapt to the existing conditions.
     The planet, as I saw it, seemed a little smaller than the Earth. From the angle I looked at it, its largest part was covered by dry land. I also noticed that it had some big lakes.
     I was impressed by the fact that other flying objects were going around outside its atmosphere, like satellites, stations and big ships like the one that had brought me here.
     When I was finally ready, I got off on the surface of the planet with another ship like a transport craft, of parallelepiped shape and of dark yellow color. Where the ship landed there was no runway or any buildings.
     It was countryside - a vast green meadow. Pure nature!
     The flying transport "box" landed onto a predefined spot without any insignia. Obviously, the exact coordinates that were necessary for the ship in order to "touch" the surface of the planet were simply incorporated into it.
     The descent, as well as the “landing”, was absolutely smooth.

To be continued...

by Maria Ballos
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