Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MARS: An ancient temple discoverd! - by Matteo Ianneo

   Our dear Italian friend and astronomer Matteo Ianneo has discovered a new astonishing finding on planet Mars that clearly looks like an ancient temple!! 
   You should check it out your selves. 
   The truth is still hidden from us about the red planet, among many other things...

   This is what Matteo says about this new finding of his on Mars:
  "Mars, a hostile planet, and without a history. The sister planet of our Earth. Analyzing it, it looks like a planet only made of red sand, at least as far as we know. 
   We have reached the time of times, where you have to put the record straight. Many enthusiasts seek traces of past life, but for the moment, nothing that could be confirmed as fact. Many scholars of great caliber, confirmed on the basis of data transmitted by the probes that for the moment nothing is confirmed. Only red earth, and nothing more. The story for the moment is represented on the figures, which is that of our mother Earth. Nobody in the world has so far confirmed a possible, even minimum, track of history on this planet. 
   Many discoveries made by fans like me, are always put into question, as a possible optical effect, or failure of a satellite acquisition and sampling error, shadow effects or degradation. These are the answers for the moment some of those in the trade in this field of study.
   Perhaps, in my opinion, things are not right in this way. Mars was one of the planets that hosted in a bygone different types of civilization. They clashed over time, and also with their nuclear wars, have destroyed this planet, and the few survivors have moved on our Earth. 
   The ancient gods, brought on our Earth, knowledge, both technological and spiritual. Someone decided to remain on that planet, hiding in its bowels. The nature was destroyed in much of the planet, water and seas were submerged in the bowels of the planet. Subsequently also asteroid fall to collaborated to a more devastating destruction of this planet. 
   Atlantis, was a city traveling, a large mother ship, which moved, on our planet. It was never destroyed by cataclysms, perhaps it is still present on our Earth, living as it once was. Many were the technologies that led to safety, including the stargate doors here on our planet. They served to quickly reach even greater distances, even thousands of light years. The legends are nothing but a past history of our planet, under the influence of peoples from space. 
   Giants handled things using the DNA. They used to move large boulders like those of the pyramids, that according to my analysis "the year of dating is much older than that declared", and this power was also used to fight their enemies. 
   I do not want to prolong this speech of mine, which for some could be pathetic and discordant, especially to the ones that the reality that we have been taught is true. I would just like to turn to the scientists of the world, in order to indicate a finding of a clear pattern of history on the red planet.
   Question of my study on the surface of this planet: The object in question is a very old temple unfortunately shot down, it holds on its side. A temple still very noticeable for its geometry. 
   Its dimensions are immense, if you calculate its size by Google Earth. Grandiose scale, which could also be wrong in my point of view, or we find ourselves before huge monuments, built according to techniques unknown to us. We stick to what we see with our eyes. You can clearly notice a geometric part, and if you have a good eye on it, there lies an image of someone who represented the history of that era, a statue. 
   With this message of pure passion, I appeal to all space agencies involved with the study of any civilization on this planet, and I suggest you take a look in this area at these coordinates. We also find the walls above, representing the defense of this great city now destroyed and largely buried by sand, from an attack of enemies. 
   I conclude that the two hypotheses are as follows; or I'm a fool, that with just a few tools, eyes and processing of images in low resolution, find traces of past life, or the tools used to collect these mission have given incorrect data. 
   Thank you to all for your support".

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