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The Oracle of goddess Hestia for the EL (19-6-2014) - (Part 1)

The goddess Hestia
  1. "The well-dressed skull will be looking at the umbilical cord.

  2.  Ghosts will come out from there.

  3.  From disappointment you will throw a stone tied with rope to the sea at a depth that only a giant squid can reach.

  4.  Surrounded by the ghosts you will await the covered letters that will send them away.

  5.  One ghost will last.

  6. 'HT' (HOLY TEMPLE) will arrive...

  7.  The dragon that will appear will be facing the specter (ghost) that will be looking the star that sent the 'HT'. holy temple

  8.  1101, the name of the star that the dragon looks at, too. 

  9.  The speaking trumpet (televoas) arrived at Stonehenge.

 10.  The tail of the fish got lost at the bottom..."

   After a few days the Prime Minister and the well-dressed followers of his with their costumes, ran suddenly to see the monument of another world.
   The ancient and future Hellenic world!
   The tomb of Amphipolis, as it was called, is not a grave monument...
   It is the umbilical cord, as says the oracle.
   The umbilical cord that connects the monument to the hill beside it...
   The one with the awesome finds!

   Ideas and unimaginable forces for the era that just ended.
   But do you believe of all this? Oracles?, someone of the others will ask...

   I do not care about them.

   Fortunately in the home of EL as in the rest of the world there are many like me. Haha!

   Thousands of blogs, scientists and educated people, bookworms of the ancient knowledge, countless lovers of the world that offered the only person ever named Great, the only golden age of humanity and the culture which all its enemies are based on living.

   The summer that passed, the goddess Hestia appeared accompanied by two very tall young men.
   They looked like the Dioscuri (Zeus’ sons) in their physiognomy.
   The Goddess was tall and imposing. The headless body of hers in the Acropolis museum, in size and shape, is very representative, trust me.

I cannot tell you everything here. Only those who are interested and feel and understand can inquire to learn more...

   After a few days appeared on the internet the photo below. This shape was revealed by the Hestia. Together were given the two oracles.

   The above crop circle, they write that appeared around those days in Italy. I'm not sure, but it hasn’t much importance. For me the most important were the two circular shapes. 
   On June 26, 2014 I published online together both, the oracles and the crop circle.

   After a few weeks drops the bomb in front of me. 
   Mr. Samaras visited Amphipolis! On August 12, 2014. 
   I look at the pictures and what do I see? 
   The region.

   The picture below is the tomb...

   As you can see it is identical to the crop circle in Italy. Look at the entrance of the tomb below left and the F that I have noted on the crop circle with an arrow. It is from the same side.
   The crop circle, however, has the further cycle, as you observe my friends.

   The two circles connect with ten dots as small corridor, as you see.
   If you adapt it with the actual image of the tomb you will see that the hypothetical corridor is leading from the tomb to the nearby hill!
   This next hill is the apogee and the sanctuary together!
   We hide it in the specific photos in order for you to search a bit and look for what is there...

   Now I'll show you the extensive research work produced by Lazarus Polymenakos, geologist scholar - Dr. In Applied Geophysics, expert in application of geophysical methods, especially the method of seismic tomography in the study of complex geotechnical and geo problems, at the Caste Hill of Amphipolis in the past.

   With the cooperation of A. Liossi (geologist), S. Papamarinopoulos (former Professor of Geophysics at the University of Patra) and Mrs. Ch. Koukoulis (former curator of Kavala), so that it has managed to synthesize the "radiograph" of this unique monumental construction.

   In the picture above you see the three-dimensional representation of the estimated surface of natural soil (geological bedrock) and other structures inside the hill at the Caste, as is apparent from the interpretation of the results of the seismic tomographic investigation. The location of the precinct and the entrance of the tunnel from satellite images and photographs have appeared in the press during the period 2012-2014. 

   In most simplified form, is formed the adjacent estimated three-dimensional image of the interior of the hill. A laborious result of synthetic and critical thinking. The picture is very, very interesting. It reveals the formation of the natural soil by the manufacturers of the monument, for it to be able to accept the constructions that were designed to put there and to "protect" them.
   They shape (not too deep) trenches which in some places will accommodate burial or other structures and then will be 'streets' access to and from them. These roads are selected to access the interior, one from the south, the other from the northwest. The reason for these guidelines should be important both in terms of symbolism, as well as the functionality and fine craftsmanship.

   As you face the tomographic mapping in the middle left writes the sentence "trenches access with a possible stone lining"
From the sentance extends over the shape of the tumulus two straight lines.
   The bottom line leads to the access pit with stone lining
which they named "tunnel entrance".
Our known entrance. 
The top line leads to another pit access stone lining.
As you understand its the entrance showing the crop circle for further buried chamber!

The oracle of the goddess Hestia predicted Amphipolis as predicted and what will happen thereafter.

   The 1st verse says:

   The well-dressed skull will be looking at the umbilical cord.
It was hot and they weren't wearing their jackets but always well dressed politicians and notables.
The well-dressed skull(head) of the country… 
                        …will be looking at the umbilical cord.

   The 2nd verse sings… 

   2. Ghosts will come out from there.


   The third verse warns: 
   3. From disappointment you will throw a stone tied with rope to the sea at a depth that only a giant squid can reach.

   The stone that is tied with rope at sea we threw it at Antikythira. In our favorite wreck...
A few days ago...

The tied up stone is the ultramodern wetsuit that is mechanically tied and goes at depths that…

...only a great squid can reach...

   The third verse however starts with "From the disappointment ..."
   Because (ORIGINALLY!) we will be disappointed of the expectations of the findings of Amphipolis, we will give pride the few findings that will reveal from the Antikythera wreck. To sweeten us...
   It dropped disappointment, but do not weaken your faith for the continuity.

   The 4rth verse presays…

   Surrounded by the ghosts you will await the covered letters that will send them away.

   They are speculating on who is the occupant of the tomb. We constantly hear opinions and speculations about what is meant by the Caryatides, the Sphinxes, Persephone, Pluto, Mercury (Hermes) ...

   Is it of Alexander? Of Olympias? Is it Hephaestion?

   The covered letters that will send the ghosts away ghosts will reveal the tenant that protects the entrance that leads to the next area.

   The 5th verse tells us that…

   One ghost will last.

   The shape of the tenant will be reflected as a ghost in an artwork? Or will it be the one that will not be broken. The one that will stand in front of the big gate.     What would has not been stepped upon - ever...

   The oracle was given to EL-LENES (Greeks for the rest) in their mind and soul.

   The next five verses are formed.
   And the first five evolve as the ancient Greek language.
   After the oracle appeared Amphipolis, Antikythera, Mrs. Klounei ...

   The 6th then yells...
   "HT" (HOLY TEMPLE) will come ..."

   The rest of the lyrics are still in progress...

 7)The dragon that will appear will be facing the specter (ghost) that will be looking the star that sent the 'IN'. (You think that with the word star sent the IN it means the star of the cinema? Just kidding ...)

   8)1101, the name of the star that the dragon looks at, too. 

   9) The speaking trumpet (televoas) arrived at Stonehenge. (In England? From there didn’t someone arrive?)

   10)The tail of the fish got lost at the bottom...”

To be continued…

  PS. The swan of the 2nd oracle has been found (ancient swan's bons!) in the tomb of Amphipolis during the excavations in the third chamber... 
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