Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pedro Olalla: POR QUE GRECIA?

  Pedro Olalla González de la Vega (Oviedo, Spain, 1966) is a writer, a Hellenist, professor philologist, translator, photographer and filmmaker, and in these areas he regularly collaborates with publishers, universities and cultural institutions from various countries in the world.
   For twenty eight years, he maintains a strong relationship with Greece and in 1994 he moved to Athens in order to deal with research, creation and teaching. His major occupation is writing: 27 original works of literary and cultural content (books, scripts, videos) in various languages​​, and a long series of journalistic articles and translations of Greek and Spanish writers.
Pedro Olalla
   He taught new Greek at the University of Oviedo and in Greece now, he was for years director of Cultural Bulletin of the Spanish Embassy, editor of the bilingual monthly magazine "El Sol de Atenas" and professor at the "Graduate Program in Translation-Translation Studies" of the University of Athens.
   From 1994 until today, he works as a professor at the Instituto Cervantes of Athens and at the Greek Parliament.
   As a photographer has made publications audiovisual productions, documentaries and more than forty solo exhibitions in various countries.
   As a lexicographer, he is author of the "New Greek-Spanish Dictionary" (ed. Texto), for which he worked for years with a scholarship from the Foundation "A. C. Leventis'.
   As a researcher and photographer, he has worked with specialist publishers like National Geographic, Thames & Hudson, Altaïr, Planeta, Road Editions, etc. as well as various TV channels and production companies.
  The last years he regularly publishes articles in foreign newspapers about the social situation in Greece. For his work in the field of study and promotion of the Greek culture, was proclaimed Ambassador of Hellenism by the Greek State, Associate Member of the Centre for Greek Studies at Harvard University, Honorary Citizen of Kleitoros, Arcadia and was a guest speaker from numerous organizations and SMEs in Greece and abroad (University of Athens, Aegean, Thrace, College Year in Athens, Onassis Foundation New York, Fulbright Foundation, Universidad Autónoma de México, International University Menéndez Pelayo, Embassy of Greece in Sweden, National Research Foundation, Educational Society, National Book Centre etc.)     He has also been a founding member and director of the International Society for Arcadia and vice president of the Association of Scholars Foundation A. S. Onassis.  

   The video below is an audiovisual lecture by Pedro Olalla on the importance of the Greek element in shaping culture. It was first read in the "10th Conference of Classic Culture in Sagunto" (Sagunto, Spain, 11/17/2012), in a climate marked by the new educational reform in Spain, which significantly reduces the humanities, eliminating de facto the lesson of ancient Greek.

   Its incretible! Enjoy it! 

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