Monday, September 8, 2014

ALIEN ORACLE with CROP CIRCLE reveals the ANCIENT TOMB of AMPHIPOLIS, GREECE and what will happen next!

A message for the fans of aliens of the whole world...

The statue of the royal lion that has been remooved by the Romans from the top of the tomb of Amphipolis
   On June 26 2014, we posted on our blog and in our group "El are everywhere" two oracles. About the second oracle, we had also put on the blog some photographs of crop circles that had appeared in those days in Italy.
Even if this crop circle isn't real, we were given this picture...

   After some time, on August 9th 2014 we had the official announcement about finding the entrance to the tomb of Amphipolis...
The entrance
Amphipolis tomb
The tomb from up high
   Look at the crop circle, and look at the tomb.

   It is also said that there is a second tomb 2300 meters away not beeing excavated...
Picture of the area from Google Earth (the two red circles resemble the crop circle)
   Let us remember what the oracle said sentence by sentence and let’s see what has happened so far.

'The skull': The politicians??   
They, well dressed, came runing to see...
 looking at the umbilical cord...
(minister of Greece)
The entrance. Sphinxes guard the tomb.

Maybe this means the numerus marks around the right cicle (or tomb?) We'll see! 
   Here is the rest of the oracle, yet to be explained and updated...

The oracle...
     " 1)The well-dressed skull will be looking at the umbilical cord.
       2)Ghosts will come out from there.
       3)From frustration you will throw a stone tied with rope to the sea at a depth that only a giant squid can reach.
       4) Surrounded by the ghosts you will await the covered letters that will send them away.
       5)One ghost will last.
       6) 'IN' will arrive...
       7)The dragon that will appear will be facing the specter (ghost) that will be looking the star that sent the 'HT'. (HOLY TEMPLE)
       8)1101, the name of the star that the dragon looks at, too. 
       9)The speaking trumpet (televoas) arrived at Stonehenge.
     10) The tail of the fish got lost at the bottom..."

  Now let's see how the excavations in Amphipolis are going so far. 
The entrance in the beggining.
The discovery of a second wall behind the front.
Work on the entrance.
What the archaeologists found behind the Sphinxes' wall. 2 women shaped columns as they are in the Acropolis.
The Caryatids with their hands stretched out as to forbit anyone to go in. The hands were found in the ground
in front of them, broken...  
The western Caryatid, the face of which is kept almost intact.
The two Caryatids, second guardians of the tomb.
Discovery of a stairway going down behind the Caryatids ...
The second walll.
Characteristics fragments of rosettes in red and blue color, decorating the ceiling in the back room of the Caryatids.

The restoration work and mounting of space is going well.
The Caryatid adorning the eastern wing of the funerary monument from which unfortunately has her face cut off.
Detail of the efforts of archaeologists to uncover every aspect of this unique finding, one of the two Caryatids.
   Aren't they beautiful??!!!
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