Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Saudi Arabia: Ancient Lost City Uncovered By The Wind

  "A strong wind has uncovered ancient structures that no one has ever noticed. It seems to be something very ancient...", says the Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo (one of our dear friends).

  "If you look carefully, you can see the ancient ruins next to it, even an old profile! This is a sensational discovery that no one had noticed..."  
   ..."In photographs from 2004, one can observe that there was nothing in this place, it was definitely covered by sand", says Ianneo.

   He adds: "The strong winds and desert storms have brought to light this discovery that I think is very sensational. Now archaeologists are to affirm this archaeological area. Perhaps it is certainly ancient ruins belonging to an ancient and magnificent city, which dates back to a long time ago. I hope I have given a contribution to science, in order to find a small piece that the story is all redone, and it’s hard to tell."

   Coordinates on Google Earth:   25° 6’46.33″N 37°25’8.84″E

   We think someone should go searching... Let us know what you found out!!
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