Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ROMANIA: Extraterrestrial Findings: THE TREAD OF ALUMINIUM - 200.000 years old!!

   The 'aluminum tread' is an object found by chance in Romania, and raises unanswered questions around the origin and construction of it!
   The object was discovered in 1973 at a depth of 10 meters, by some laborers who were working in a quarry on the river Maros (Mureş) near the city of Aiud. The piece weighs about 2 kg, is 21 inches in length, 12.5 cm in width, 7 cm in thickness and it carries two cylindrical interstices of different diameters on one side in order to be applied at a right angle to the base of the lower portion of a possible mechanical foot, as a sole. Similar soles designs are found in prototypes of aircrafts with vertical takeoff-landing off the ground!
   But to everyone's surprise (and here begins the paradox of the case), next to it  was not found another piece that reveals its use, but two fossilized mastodon bones, a hairy prehistoric animal that lived in the period 10,000 - 80.000 p.Ch. 
   Immediately the existence of the bones created many questions about its age and after analysis of samples sent to research centers in Switzerland, the results showed that this is at least 200,000 years old!
   Things became even more complicated after and the metallographic analysis. The results of the research center ICPMMN showed that the metal piece actually consists a complex alloy of 12 different elements, among which the main component is aluminum, at almost 80%. Something that surpasses man, since aluminum was discovered in 1825(!) and started the production process of the industry in 1883 ... and not  200,000 years ago (that the chronology indicates)!

  Admirable, also, is the good condition of the elaborate alloy as it hasn't been oxidized (rusted) with the passage of centuries. It owes this to the thick protective aluminum oxide layer covering the entire surface, limiting the penetration of the phenomenon oxidation of its metal mass.
   Since 1973, the identity of the object and the above analyzes were contested dozens of times. Dozens, though, were the supporters of the truth who progressed to further confirmation and possible theories. The author Florin Gheorghiţa searched as much as he could, and found no same or similar human product in the last century, thus proving the earlier origins.
  As for where the strange 'aluminum treadstands today, the only thing we can confirm is that it is buried in the basement of the Museum of the History of Cluj-Napoca city in northwest Romania, and the reason for its not exposer is its not obscure origin!!!  

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