The Greek language has been and is admired by scientists throughout the world who have devoted most of their lives in its study. Unfortunately, however, it is estimated as at least it would be appropriate, within borders. Typical known - unknown people make every effort to degrade and potentially devastate this beautiful "diamond" of our culture.
   But they do not perceive that this language has such deep roots in time, that is not "eradicated" as easily as they find themselves. Our language (GREEK) is the "mother" of any other language, and this is recognized by the overwhelming majority of the global scientific community. "Voices" from every corner of the world cry out that they are descendants of the Greeks, that their language is derived from the Greek, etc. We Greeks of course, with some exceptions of cource, intentionally or unintentionally, insist on ignoring them.
   A typical example is the Spanish writer and politician Federico Krutwig Sagredo, who after thorough research, endorsed the above point of view. He was the founder and first president of the Greek Academy of the Basque Country.
   The language that he preferred to express his ideas both in writing and orally, was the Ancient Greek, because "the study and use of this international language", as he stated, "makes humans able to touch the highest spiritual levels".
   He also recognizes that "today, anyone studying the Greek language, be sure that nourishes his spirit with ingredients of unique choice and best quality."
  "A superior intelligence need to be in possession of a multiphase language, with particular structures, which provide a wide and a rich field of thinking, to create intellectual horizons, just like the case of Classical Greek, which is the most perfect language of those created up to now by mankind", he adds.
   This great love of the Basque professor for our language led him, in collaboration with many other Basques, to set up the "Greek Academy of Vaskonias", the "Kalia of Knowledge", as they called it.
   According to Federico «educated people of modern Europe have united to study, write and speak the ancient Greek language better than their national language, because it is undeniably more important for a man to be civilized and cultivated, rather than being part of a simple ethnicity. Ancient Greek Language thanks to its structures, morphology and rich vocabulary is the only one that can contribute greatly to the intellectual development of the human brain."
   He compiled an infinite number of articles, studies, etc., in order to spread what he had discovered: that the Greek language fertilized every other language in the world. One of his works, which has been translated in Greek, is the book "The Greek Miracle \ From magic to science» (EL MILAGRO GRIEGO).
   He was the leading force behind the idea of ​​establishing the ancient Greek language as the only official language of the European Union. The corresponding positions and proposals were forwarded to the European Parliament by his fighting associates, who are committed to continue the work of Federico or Aristonos Ammon as he used to sign Hellenistic (In Greek).
   This particular scientist also claimed that the civilization of Europe was born and developed in accordance with the Greek standards. 

  "We Europeans should thank God, first because we were born into the Greek culture and then because we belong to a national group, whatever it is."
  "Any element of culture exists in Europe, was created through the Greek language, and like an English historian said, "among Europeans, anything that is not Greek , is primitive ." The conditions of superiority, providing  by the Greek language over others, not only contemporaries but also of the ancients, are innumerable. Only idiots of the modern era were able to judge as 'useless' the learning of an object that is not "useful material" in a direct way. This "spiritual shortness" of certain 'modernizers' indicates very well the degenerate age in which we are, where "moderate" is being expressed by all the 'moderate' minds and the foolish mass wants to present that as the "supreme law". So, however, we reach that type of man, which is more ape, apeman perhaps, a man whose mind is reduced to a level below the mechanical humanoid."
  "Our Western culture was born in Greece and its origin, as well as in its future development, there was always Greek and never the result of the contribution of any other region or nation. For this reason it is not enough to know only Greek language terms. Those are often forgotten... The Romans used to say that Greece was the mother of any knowledge base, and this truth has not changed since then." 
  But he was not limited only to Europe, as a recipient of Greek culture and science!
  "The whole humanity is debtor against the Byzantine Empire, which maintained that historical legacy of Miletus, Athens, Alexandria, Antioch, and other cities. There was, therefore, no greater misfortune than the conquest of Constantinople by the Turkish hordes, and there may be no greater disgrace for Europe of the need to look to the Turkish barbarism in the Miletus, Ephesus, Pergamum, Byzantium, the Izmir (Smirni, the hometown of Homer), Adrianople, in Antioch in Trabzon  and elsewhere, at the cities that were always Greek."
   As a connoisseur 17 eastern languages ​​and dialects (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindu, Bengali, etc.) and after of a thorough research of vocabulary, chronologies, grammar rules, etc., he was led to the conclusion that the languages ​​of the East (even Sanskrit, influenced by the Greek"The secret Indian literature was actually grown as pure literature only in the 3rd or 5th century AD. References to very ancient dates, as to the Vedas, is only theory, since the Vedas were disseminated only to a limited and spoken way, in addition that the Indians don't know the story... One and unique version of the Vedas has been done in India in the 19th century by the German Max Muller... Comparing Sanskrit with ancient Greek, we can easily understand that the Greek is not only more ancient, it also means that all its structural and grammatical types are superior and better value ... ") have their "roots" in Greek!
   His great love of our country (Greece) and the cultural heritage it bequeathed across the world was demonstrated by the fact that he wanted to settle permanently in Greece, which he considered his spiritual home.
   Unfortunately, the poor state of his health did not allow him to fulfill his dream...
   His turbulent life came suddenly to an end on the morning of November 15, 1998, at his home, on the street Verastegki of Vilvaou. 
   All Basque newspapers reported with awe to the death of the great thinker, saying goodbye to the one whose "heart was beating loudly for Vaskonia and Greece."