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Part of our mini-book, by Maria Ballos and Anton. Dion.

   The ancient Greeks called Crimea Tauris (later Taurian), under the name of its inhabitants, the Tavri. The historian Herodotus mentions that Heracles plowed that land using a giant bull (bull: Tauros in Greek).
   Taurica (Tavris) was inhabited by a variety of peoples. The inland regions were inhabited by Scythians and the mountainous south coast by the Taures, an offshoot of the Cimmerians. Greek settlers inhabited a number of colonies along the coast of the peninsula, notably the city of Chersonesos in modern Sevastopol (Σεβαστούπολη, Greek word..). In the 2nd century BC the eastern part of Taurica became part of the Bosporan Kingdom, before being incorporated into the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. During the 1st, 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, Taurica was host to Roman legions and colonists in Charax, Crimea. Taurica was eventually renamed by the Crimean Tatars, from whose language Crimea's modern name derives. The word "Crimea" comes from the Crimean Tatar name Qırım, via Greek Krimea (Κριμαία).
Chersonesos ruins - Krimea
   Throughout the later centuries, Crimea was invaded or occupied successively by the Scythians, Sarmatians, Goths (AD 250), the Huns (376), the Bulgars (4th–8th century), the Khazars (8th century), the state of Kievan Rus' (10th–11th centuries), the Byzantine Empire (1016), the Kipchaks (Kumans) (1050), and the Mongols (1237). In the 13th century, the Republic of Genoa seized the settlements that their rivals, the Venetians, had built along the Crimean coast and gained control of the Crimean economy and the Black Sea commerce for two centuries. The Black Death pandemic came to Europe in the 14th century, probably aboard Genoese merchant ships from the Crimean peninsula.
   A number of Turkic peoples, now collectively known as the Crimean Tatars, came to inhabit the peninsula starting with the early Middle Ages. At times these dominated the peninsula demographically, while at other times their numbers dwindled (1750–1944) or disappeared altogether (1944–91), only to reappear again (1991–present). 
   After the destruction of the Golden Horde by Tamerlane, the Crimean Tatars founded an independent Crimean Khanate in 1441, under Hacı I Giray, a descendant of Genghis Khan. The Crimean Tatars controlled the steppes that stretched from the Kuban and to the Dniester River, however, they were initially unable to take control over commercial Genoese towns. After the capture of Genoese towns, the Ottoman Sultan held Meñli I Giray captive, later releasing him in return for accepting Ottoman sovereignty above the Crimean Khans and allowing them rule as tributary princes of the Ottoman Empire. However, the Crimean Khans still had a large amount of autonomy from the Ottoman Empire. In 1774, the Crimean Khans fell under Russian influence with the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca and, in 1783, the entire Crimea was annexed by the Russian Empire.
   This is more or less the history of the area of Crimea. The one that's apparent in history books.
   But why did everyone want this piece of land? What secret is hiding there??

   Lets unravel the unknown history...

  The goddess Artemis was the goddess of the peninsula of Crimea from antiquity. All the people who passed from there worshiped her. There, was a large temple in her honor. Its age was time immemorial... 

   The temples of Artemis were generally separate and distinct architecture (pyramids?). These were the "adyton" where no one walks - which adopted the way many others (Mecca, Vatican, CΙΑ, Illuminati etc). In the adyton of the temple of Crimea guarding the sacred symbols and the xoanon (ugly statue) of the goddess, which was strange magical powers.

Here you can see the xoanon at the right.
   The xoanon was made by the great Dedalus him self, with whatever this means(...), since its known he had incredible knowledge of many things, surpassing his era.. (I suppose everyone nas heard about his flying machines, that he had tried to escape from captivity with his son Ikarus...)
   So it seemed in the eyes of the people of that era technological objects of ancient alien gods ...
   Apart from the numerous statues of the goddess in her temples everywhere, there were also aniconic performances of her. The most famous of imaging was the "Patroos Artemis" of Sicyon, Corinth - Greece.
   In this figure, Artemis was in the form of a pawn and next to her depicts a pyramid!
(Hold on to this info... for later).
  Her celebration took place in the Spring solstice,22 of March..(keep this date in mind also...)

   Lets take a step forward...

   Iphigenia (Ancient Greek: Ἰφιγένεια, Iphigeneia) is a daughter of Agamemnon and Clιtemnestra, whom Agamemnon is commanded to kill her as a sacrifice to allow his ships to sail to Troy... But Iphigenia was abducted before the sacrifice by Artemis and took her to her temple in Tauris, Crimea (and made her head priestess), and the goddess left a deer in her place.
   In Euripides story about Iphigenia, "Iphigenia in Tauris", the play takes place after the sacrifice and after Orestes has killed Clytemnestra. In order for Orestes to escape the persecutions of the Erinyes for killing his mother, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Orestes has been ordered by Apollo - through the Oracle of Delfis, to go to Tauris(Crimea). While in Tauris, Orestes is to carry off the xoanon (carved wooden cult image) of Artemis which had fallen from heaven, and bring it to Athens. When Orestes arrives at Tauris with Pylades, son of Strophius and intimate friend of Orestes, the pair are at once captured by the Tauris, among whom the custom was to sacrifice to Artemis. 
   The priestess of Artemis is Iphigenia, and it is her duty to perform the sacrifice. She recognizes Orestes as her brother and she then offers to release Orestes and Pylades, that had gone there after the oracle told them to steal (retrieve) the xoanon of Artemis. 
   Pausanias reports: "Orestes went the figurehead in Sparta. Presenting it he became king. He built a temple there and put it inside. The believers, however, who visited the temple fell ill - they eventually died..."
   After that, Sparta became a very powerful city for centuries...

   When the Roman Empire began to conquer the Greek cities, the statue (xoanon) was moved for safety reasons, in the sanctuary of Trofonion.
   The Trofonion was a temple that was built over a "special" cave, as delegated by the oracle of Delphi. This cave is located in the Livadia area, in Veotia, Greece. The ancient    Pausanias in "Periegitis - mns: Sightseer", gives us rich information about the temple, its location and its use.
  ...There the priests had the xoanon hidden in the depths of the cave, together with other objects of the gods.
   To understand, it was heard as the most dangerous cave, since someone had to go through terrible dangers and demon traps to get to the final "room", the adyton.
   When he finally reached the sanctuary, the beleiver could (and should) say "wishes" (Eυχές:Greek, root of the word prosefxes (προσευχές-prairs) and doing so, he "communicated" with the ancient gods. 
   Now you explain this testimony. What does it mean;;
   For the record, the first who completed the ritual and came out, was named Heroas, hence the nickname "Hero", preserved until today.
   The xoanon remained hidden there for centuries... And through and the Roman, the Byzantine, and the Ottoman Empires.
   The exact location was eventually lost. Throughout the centuries, only the oldests initiates knew something about it, that only orally spoke about it to the newer initiates...

   The objects of the gods would have remained inactive since the beginning of the Age of Pisces to end of it, on 12/21/2012. 
   Then the earth entered the Age of Aquarius, the time that in ancient Greek texts the gods will return. 
The pleiades
   The new era was captured by the residents of America with the (very Greek) name Mayan (Μαία: daughter of Atlas, one of the Pleiades – the most beautiful and very wise. She lived at the mountain Killini in Greece, and after she made love with Zeus, she gave birth to Hermes or Mercury- Kukuklan by the Mayan), showing the dragon with the water, included in the famous the "code of Dresden" (pictures) at the museum in Dresden, Austria, and all over their pyramids.



Almost the whole world was talking about the upcoming destruction while Mayan water stipulated themselves the Aquarian Age that began that day...

  ...The Greek cities were subdued in Asia, Europe and North Africa, by Romans, Muslims, Christians etc. who all together destroyed 99 percent of the temples, infrastructure, works of art, manuscripts, and libraries across the country.
   Something that then was done by the Western Europeans to the residents of the American continent, as indeed also happened the massacres of the Greeks in Asia, Japan, China, Laos, India, Philippines, stories that are coming now to light.!
   But the Greeks have in their blood the Ichor!

   The integrity blood. That is why we never forget our memories. Even if some “changed” skin (as the inhabitants of Yunnan-province of China, the Spartans of Araucanía-Chile, Basques, Irish, Scots and others), which are Pelasgian tribes and Macedonian (Greek tribes).
   They have not forgotten inside them. And those who have forgotten, doo to the contaminants, will awaken.
   That’s why in each state across the Earth, all through the centuries, special people with indigenous Greek roots, have shown to be awakening about the ancient history which flows in their blood.
  "What is the mind and heart for man, Greece is for humanity," said Goethe after the unrepeatable "We are all Greeks," meaning the principles and culture that we still have (!?) in the world - and only because we exist!
Johann Wolfgang Goethe
 ...And let the Turks hate us (Greeks....)
   Did they ever wonder why they have come alongside us and they act as a nightmare of Hellenism, more than one thousand years now.
   Never ...!

   Just hate for us Greeks, even though they live with our standards. They use our math to kill. They use our medical. They copied our education, studying in universities. They philosophize while drinking their hookah. They fight each other for democracy in their country...
   But let's not stray from our history, although it has a direct relationship...
   In the mists of time, therefore, other Greeks became Christians, other Muslims (the white skin people, living now in Turkey), Egyptians, Arabs, North Africans - throughout. Yet never did they forget the ancient ancestral blood in them. No religion could alter that. Lot of them guarded the secrets, even with their lives when needed, as shamans, as Druids, as monks, as...

  And our story about the xoanon continues with this great man:
   Lambros Katsonis (1752-1804) was a Greek admiral of the Russian navy, knight, hero & GREEK liberation movement of 1787. 
   He was born in Livadia... (Greece).
   At a young age took part in the Orlofik naval battles.
   In 1774 he was ranked as an officer in the Greek battalion of the Russian army, where he amounted to the rank of captain.

   He was a fanatic follower of the ancient Greek spirit and his dream was the revival of the Greek nation after 400 years of slavery by the Turks.
   With the start of the Russo-Turkish war in 1787, he went to Trieste, Italy, where he received there by the Greek expatriates some ships with which he launched raids and attacks against Turks at the Ionian Sea.
   His own ship was named “ATHENS-BEAR”!
   His fleet expanded gradually and in the Aegean, where on August 31, 1788 in Karpathos he defeated the Turkish fleet. 
   For the victory he was promoted to Chiliarch while the fleet was named "fleet of the Russian Empire"!
    With the help of the Russians he launched the revolutionary liberation struggle. 

   He managed to gather in Ithaca 24 ships, but before his departure came the bad news about the truce between the two warring empires, concluded on 11 August 1791 with the command to suspend any activity.

   Refusing to obey the orders of his superiors he fled to Mani in Peloponnese where he began organizing a revolutionary movement.

   Meanwhile the Treaty of Jassy was signed in 1792, with which Turkey and Russia reconciled!
   Then, in May 1792, he published his manifesto "manifestation of His Excellency chiliarch and horsemen Lambrou Katsoni" by which he complained about the Russo-Turkish peace, accusing the Russian policy, which had ignored their co-religionists Greeks and their struggle for independence.
   The consequence of this was Catherine the Great to take away his degree and to prohibit him from making use of the Russian flag.
   Despite this ugly development, in April 1792 L.Katsonis sailed into Porto Kayo, whose ports had began to fortify with Androutsos, a great fighter for the freedom of Greece.
(Katsonis baptized Androutso’s son, giving him the name of Odysseus...).
   But the Catholic Christian France, fearing for its own commercial interests, since through the area passed several French merchant ships, sent two French warships and in collaboration with 30 Muslim Turkish ships, attacked the fleet of Katsonis in June 1792, destroying any hope of Greeks.
   Immediately after the departure of the Russians, members of the Ottoman government (Divani) proposed a general massacre of all the Greeks, without distinction of sex and age. Nearly all agree.
   The only one that disagreed was Hasan Tzezairlis who firmly supported the opposite view. It is said that he used as the last argument that "if you kill all the Greeks who would pay the charatsi (taxes)?" for which the others had no answer.

   Now the charatsi, the taxes, are required by the European Union and the IMF....

   Hasan Tzezairlis was an Ottoman fleet admiral and Grand Vizier. Born in 1713 at Gallipoli, his origin was Georgian - ancient Greek race.
   He was bought as a slave by a Turkish family and raised as a Turk in Reddest (Redestos).
   He may have be born as a slave and raised as an Ottoman; the Ichor, however, did not let him forget.
  Thanks to him the Greek race was saved from genocide.
   He was sent in Algiers where he fought with many successes against the Spaniards, even with pirate commando companies from where he received the nickname "Tzeza(c)irli" (=Algerian). In Algiers he served as governor of a province.
   He also participated in the Crimean War with the Turks.
   Despite his military successes, when Sultan Selim the third took over, ceased his duties and appointed him military governor of Ismail. From there he distinguished himself in the wars against the Russians, where the Sultan appointed him at the age of 70 years as a Grand Vizier.
   But under strange circumstances, Hassan fell into disfavor of the Sultan where, it is said, at the Sultans command was poisoned in Soumla, Bulgaria, just three months after his appointment.
   No one respects their HEROES in the end, wherever they come from...

   The conditions that prevailed after the suppression of the revolution were terrible for the Greeks. The Albanians (the other neighbors of Greece, whom the Turks had unleashed against the Greeks), for nine years were ravaging the peninsula, burned, slaughtered and sold the residents.
   Thousands of civilians were massacred, very old cities were deserted…
   The tired from 400 years of slavery people of Mani were, as slaves, uprooted in the East - at “good” Muslims, while those who escaped hid for decades in the mountains as rebels. (A portion of Mani belongs in Lakonia, where Sparta is located...)
  Katsonis, saved from the tragedy, returned to Russia and specifically in St. Petersburg, where he settled permanently with his family. Although there he was not the part of the Queens welcome, he then enjoyed her assessment, attending official receptions...
   One of the most ambitious projects of Catherine II’s foreign policy was the so-called Greek plan, as the joint projects of Russia and Austria on the dismemberment of Turkey, the expulsion of the Turks from Europe, the revival of the Byzantine Empire and the proclamation of the grandson of Catherine II as emperor, the Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich. 
   She needed the Greeks beside her, even if the Russo-Turkish Treaty few years before had betrayed them.
   By references from his biography, Katsonis was very educated with a wide range of knowledge and of course knew all about the Trofonio and its history. He was highly respected in the conquered Leibadia and themselves called him “HERO” - like the mythical ancient...
   The western Europeans, under the influence of kings and predicting that the time of the Greek revolution with the help of Russia for their release would not be long, they decided to collect from the Greek region whatever they could, in order to hide from mankind the truth.
   The Turks were not interested in these. So, from the Ottoman Athens they were taking sculptured marbles from the sacred rock of the Acropolis and used them to build stables!
The bombing of Acropolis - Parthenon by the Turks
   As they did throughout the country were there existed temples, theaters, and tombs.
   For most of them they were ready materials and the ancient writings garbage...
   In order not to awaken people ever.
   Aiming to clutching the middle ages, that were initiated by Muslim leaders and crusaders, skillfully bringing darkness everywhere.
   In the Arab states this is still applicable.
   The Egyptians, the Persians, the Arabs had superior knowledge and culture than what they experience for over a thousand years.

   The Pisces era was ending.
   It had been two thousand years and remained two hundred others.
   The ones that were holding the ancient knowledge and emancipated had to prevent the awakening of the people.
   Think how suddenly the lives of people changed from the 1900 onwards through the technology that was developed.
   The past 150 years people became smarter!!
Nikolas Tesla
   Before that, for centuries...., they could not understand that the earth is not flat and you will not fall of the edge…
   Those who had read the books of the ancient Greeks which were rescued, and tried to give the knowledge to the world, were considered heretics and sorcerers, and were burned on the pyre (fire).
   Individuals holding the information, know these things better than us, the ordinary mortals.
   They knew, even then, that the Age of Aquarius will bring tremendous changes, as had been done before in the previous era of stellar cycle time.
   They also knew it would bring awakening for all...
French revolution 1789
   It began in France with the revolution, from people who centuries after finally studied the Greek meditating, or, to be exact, the ancient Greek way of thinking…, as in the words of the same large French revolutionaries! Thus began, after orders, agreements and grants of kings, the invasions of looters in the even Ottoman, but always Greek region.
   They were looking for anything strange...
Trofonio, Livadia
   Investigations to find the exact location of Trofonio began in the summer of 1797, when went to Livadia the first researcher, the French Consul in Athens, Fovel, who began excavations.
   However, the elders monks of Livadia refused him to move dirt the near the reservoir, that was believed to have been the ancient temple.
   Then the elders of Livadia contacted Katsonis, the HERO, who was in Russia.
Emperor Paul of Russia
   On 20 February 1797, Katsonis asks the Emperor Paul to demobilize and to go to Zanzibar, his homeland, to settle his affairs ... 'and' ... “if there is need, to be ready to serve with faith and devotion to the Emperor “...  
   The request was rejected by the Admiralty on February 26, and also approved the refusal to High decision March 4, 1797.
  The Commission agreed with the legality and fairness of the applications and "recognized property rights" for some ships of the Flotilla (small fleet).
  Tsar Paul, son of Catherine, who had died on 17 November 1796, had learned from the Russian espionage - that controls everything anyway - for the message received from the Katsonis from home.
   He asked and learned about ancient Crimea, the xoanon, the myths about the pyramid / temple of Artemis.
   He was excited by the fact that Russia holds the xoanon of Crimea and that if could be "activated" again after 21/12/2012.

   He knew about the seasons approaching and were spoken by the numerous Orthodox prophecies, which came true - mainly by monks of Mount Athos (Agion Oros).
   Where are kept by the Greek Orthodox unique information about the past, present and future of humanity.
   Tsar Paul, and of course knowing about the strange actions of Western, and he played his own role.(comment: remember the name Paul - it will show up again soon...)
   Thus, taking advantage and the origin of Katsonis from Livadia, he asked him to return to Crimea the figurehead, so it would be stored with safety for the future.
   Katsonis, other than Russia, could not go elsewhere because of the Ottomans and the Latins enemies - he had to decide.

   He didn't trust, however, nobody anymore and he didn't want to be the cause for the objects the gods to fall into the hands of foreigners… 
   In October 1798 departed for the Mediterranean a squadron with Vice Admiral of the Flotilla F.F. Ousakov, to fight the French Forces and at the time, Lambros Katsonis asks the Tsar Paul to let him equip a ship with his own money and sail to the Mediterranean.
   The Tsar, appreciating by his patriotic zeal, approved his demand on October 24, 1798 and sends an Order in Ousakov on November 1, 1798.
Admiral Katsonis starts, but somewhere he gets lost (!) from the Admiralty, which was looking for him.
   Finally the Board of the Admiralty stated that '... we announce to the State Council of Foreign Affairs that Colonel Katsonis is not written in the service of the Admiralty ... on November 10, 1798 ...!'
   He was considered to be performing a secret mission and this should not be widely known!
   And silently faded the interest in of where he was...
 Catherine the Great (II)
   He returned to Crimea in early 1799 and moved in with family in the land that Catherine the II had given to him.
   He named this manor "Livadia" in remembrance of his country, which he never saw again ever since...
   There he established vineyards and became a wine merchant, started a family, his sons had careers in the Russian army and a grandson became a writer.
   The estate with the crofters who worked at the farm, became a village.
The name "Livadia" remained and in 1835 it was formally established.
    Katsonis stayed there until his death in 1806.
   There were rumors that he was poisoned...

   Efforts to find the Trofonio continued from foreign looters.
   In 1802 the Investigator and Sightseer Clark began to dig the cave next to the tank and asked for help from workers. The only one who helped him was named Krips, who entered the cave, but leveraging with a long stick, he found the entrance blocked, so gave up.

   After some time, followed the famous British Thief Lord Elgin, known for the stolen Elgin marbles of the Parthenon.
   He, who put Turks and Gypsies to cut pieces of the facade with huge saws, destroying most completely!...

  ...To take after the loot to the British Museum, where they are until today.

   Elgin wanted to make excavations to investigate the content of the Trofonion cave, with purpose of his usual tactics, theft. His assistant was the Italian agent Giovanni Louzieri. To not find obstacles from the elders, he even gave the city a clock, erected in the place of the current clock.

   The elders of Livadia, however, led by Aga, banned him to continue the excavations on the grounds that he would be prevented by the tank in front of the Oracle. They knew that Elgin, although he knew that illicit trade in antiquities is punished by special laws, however, the unconscious, had the principle of "oiling" in order to "steal".
   Katsonis, even though in his disappearance had taken secretly the xoanon, he didn't give it to the tsar Paul.
   It was well hidden by a loyal friend of his.

   For the Oracle looked after Odysseus Androutsos with his fellow competitor Athanasios Diakos.
   His godfather with his father had left him the legacy of knowledge and guarding of the secrets.
   Fortunately, he went to Trofonio before Eric Sliman.

   In 1822 arrived in Livadia the man who discovered Argos, Ithaca and the treasure of King Minos, the man who brought to light the tombs of Mycenae and the walls of Troy of Priam, Eric Sliman.
   Him they sent as their best to prevent, but fortunately those investigations also failed.
   All looters did not know that only a HERO would have the right to get inside. They never understood.
   None of them had the contribution of the locals, as had Odysseus, the hero's godson.
   Odysseus Androutsos was born in Ithaca, the island of the "resourceful king" and so he took the symbolic name of Odysseus-in a secret (from the Catholics who were then in possession of the island), Greek Orthodox baptism.

   His spiritual mother was Maroudia Katsonis, wife of Lambros Katsonis.
   It was this grandiose name, that like sanctification, ties him tight with his heroic destiny, which actually seems as a modern Odyssey!
   Odysseus Androutsos (1790 or between 1788 to 1790, Ithaca - Athens, June 5, 1825) was a prominent agonist chieftain of the Greek Revolution of 1821.
   From the greatest Greek HEROES!
   The father of Odysseus, was captured by the Venetians, surrendered to the Turks and was beheaded in 1797 in Constantinople - leaving his young son, Odysseus Androutsos an orphan, at the age of 7 years.
   The widowed mother of Odysseus, Akrivi Tsarlampa, moved in the year 1797, in Lefkada (island next to Ithaka).
   The year 1806, Ali Pasas remembering the personal friendship that he had with the late father of Odysseus Androutsos, sought him out and took him to courtyard in Ioannina, or by second version went there with her ​​mother's request. There, Odysseus Androutsos attended the military school of Ali Pasas and had a hectic life, but almost always the Ali Pasas forgave any misconduct or mistake of his.

   At the age of fifteen he was enlisted by Ali Pasas in his personal bodyguard team and soon he became leader of his personal garrison.
   In 1818 he was initiated into the Society of Friends (“Filiki Eteria”) and in 1819 was appointed martinet in eastern Sterea Ellada (where Athens belongs).

   Odysseus Androutsos took part in the battles of Berate, Argirokastro and Gardiki, and Ali Pasas gave him the chieftain of Livadia!

   That year "the time comes" and he is initiated into the Society of Friends (“Filiki Eteria”) from the brothers Petmeza, gaining access to ancient and Medieval Greek texts!
   Something that can be understood if one studied the surviving letters of his.
   The most characteristic of these is the letter to the politician A. Londo, in which he develops an amazing argumentation, using the words from "About Socrates demon" by Plato and "About Incarnation of the Word" of Athanasius the Great!
   Apart from the military and economic "arsenal", Odysseus was armed with a rich cognitive, moral and mystical background around the art of war, strategy and history of his place!
   Androutsos immediately undertakes his new role in the preparatory actions of the Match, affiant faith in the Greek Gender till death!
   He was one of the most important heroes of the struggle for the liberation of the Greek nation.
   The next few years find Odysseus chief of weapons, of Eastern Central Greece, with a number of known and unknown, military feats.
   Top feat of all was the legendary battle at the Hani of Gravia.
   The world history grows him for these victorious, modern Thermopylae, of enormous importance, practical and symbolic.
   117 brave young men and Odysseus -under siege, but in the end the victors in Hani, faced with 8,000 Turkish Albanians under the command of his old partner Omer Vryonis!
   1 towards 70!
   Without lasers, chemicals and nuclear weapons... they defeated them like another Leonidas with his 300.
   He helped to retaking, after centuries, the Acropolis of Athens from the Greeks!
   He is proclaimed "Commander in Chief of Eastern Central Greece" and in the Official ceremony, bishops of Athens and Thebes were there, belting him with a gold sword, which according to tradition belonged to Omer Vryonis.
   Greece was again free land!
   But then, the government of politics took over..., as in all countries of the earth - after the revolutions, the true heroes are "eaten" by the politicians with loans for the reconstruction of the state, as they say in Ukraine now.      Greece took loans at that time from England, Germany, France...
Money lost in the dark.
   The heroes who reacted went to jail, if they hadn't left for the mountains.
   Odysseus realizes the English-French, tectonic, conspiracy against Greece and the upcoming financial sovereignty of loans and searches, in vain, ways engaging, initially of Ali Pasha, and later the Albanian-Orthodox and the Alevis - but also the Serbs.
   On the other hand, the English-speaking friends of Mavrokordatos from the Peloponnese who fear his incredible folk influence.
   It is no coincidence that for this hero and his exploits were written the most popular songs of the era.
   His assassins’ first attempt was through the backdoor.
   But the "Lion of Rumeli" is unreachable.
   They set up a series of assassination attempts against him which all fail.
   The main ones are three.
   The first was of someone named Bousgos, being asked by the elders of Livadia to assassinate him.

   The second was in the ship of Captain Anthony Visvizi, with orders to ambush him by Koletis and the third by the British murderers of Mavrokordatos.
Alexandrer Mavrookrdatos
   In a letter of Odysseus, which was rescued, he complains that three times the Government attempted to assassinate him and that while all three times he caught the perpetrators and delivered them to the authorities, they were released.
   He writes that "our rulers since they took the loan, don’t think of anything else, than to kill those who defend the rights of people... they use the loan money not for the needs of the war...  twenty to thirty people have been paid from their wretched rulers and are hanging around to find a chance to kill me... I will be forced to prefer the Turks ... "!
   Androutsos is withdrawn disappointed in his cave, the Black Hole, north of Mount Parnassus, near the village Velitsa.
   His suspicion was strengthened when he learned of the arrest of the great chief of the revolution, Theodore Kolokotronis.

   His head is rewarded with 5000 grosses from Koletis and he was also excommunicated for populist reasons by the bishop Joseph, minister of the Church matters.
   Being proud and having confidence in the Greek justice, he surrendered without a fight to his former henchman, Gouras, to face trial as “suspected for secret agreements with the Turks”, at the behest of Koletis.
   So, he is driven as a prisoner of his cave, the Black Hole of Velitsa, in a cell of the Acropolis of Athens! The trial, of course, never takes place!

   Some, just wanted to take out of the way the "Lion of Roumeli"!
   But Koletis, subservient to foreign lenders, requests that the former henchman of his, Gouras, the murder of Odysseus, promising in return his position, and he writes secretly to another man, also former companion of Odysseus, Mamouris:
  “Sell quickly the oil to avoid the dropping of its price and is lost”...

   The killers, four in number, Mamuris, Trianatafyllinas, Jamalas and the soldier Theocharis from Lidoriki, went at night towards dawn, 4 to 5 of June 1825, in the cell of Odysseus.
   They should kill him with their hands and stones and not with guns and knives, to make it look like a suicide. But they cannot handle him even though he was chained and wounded!
   The crosstalk below is typical:

  "I know very well who you are and why you came here. I know very well who sent you. Whatever you do I will not reveal anything. If you unleash one of my hands, you'd see who I am…"
   By doing the horrible "twist" of his genitalia, hitting with a stone the genital organs and face, they strangle him and then throw him down from the sacred rock -symbolically without knowing...- from the temple of the Apteros Nikis!

   The coroner changes the original forensic findings under pressure and writes suicide!
   After 38 years, the guard Constantine Kalatzis, who was changed the fateful night by the murderers, deposits the whole truth in the Greek justice for the brutal murder of the hero!

   Shortly before his death in 1824, two Boeotians from Livadia, the scholar John Kavrakos and the lowyer Stathis Iatros, searched the area of Livadia, but without any result, updating the state on the outcome.
   Odysseus had gotten it all, when he commanded the area.
   He was helped by the elders to get the rest after the xoanon, as they knew the command of his godfather Lambros Katsonis, who had initiated him.

   Odysseus Androutsos rumored that he had hidden in his den, the cave, an unimaginable treasure, of which the exact place only Edward John Trelawney knew, if we take into account his memoirs.

Edward John Trelawney
   He was born on 13 November 1792 and at the age of 13 he enlisted in the English Royal Navy. He traveled to South America, India and Africa, but because of his adventurous nature, he left the Royal Navy and became a pirate in the Indian Ocean.
   In Madagascar he married Zela, but she drowned while swimming.
   He returned to England where he remarried and had two kids. But he got divorced and resumed traveling.
   In Italy he met the English poets Shelley and Lord Byron. (Shelley wrote "Frankenstein")

   He accompanied the second on his trip to Greece, but without philhellenic purposes. He remained a long time in Athens where he kept a harem of ten Turkish women. 
   During the revolution he came in contact with Odysseas Androutsos, and married his 13 year old half-sister, Tarsitsa.
   On the civil conflicts Trelawney will not abandon him, but will hide with him in the cave, Androutsos’ den, and will support him until the end of his life.

   In order to obtain this treasure, foreign officers, in the service of Mavrokordatos, presented as friends of Androutsos and put themselves under the command of Trelawney.
   The last, took them with him to the cave. During a shooting contest inside the cave, the unsuspected Trelawney received two shots in the back of the Scottish Fendon and the English Whithcomb.

   But the few bodyguards of Trelawney and his faithful dog prevented them from escaping, resulting in them being arrested and killed.
   Eventually Trelawney, despite of his serious injury, survived because of his physical conformation.
   After this incident he will leave the cave and resorted with his wife in the island Zakynthos, where they lived lavishly.
   But quickly he divorces Androutsos’ sister, which he married by interest - just to be close to Odysseus and the money...
   Night he leaves for England, by a boat carrying Greek antiquities ... and remarried there and enjoyed royal living until the end of his life...
   Although in his references he said that he didn’t have the treasure..., the figurehead (xoanon) of Crimea he certainly had not...
   The years passed...

   Greece succeeded (the European part of her) to be freed by the unjust Islamic yoke. (Still enslaved is ancient Ionia.  Currently called Turkey).
  The Westerners organized, between them, the world wars that affected the whole of Europe.
   After each war, the Westerners became "economic partners" and the rest became immigrants to the “partners”.
   The industry thrived.

   End of the Second World War.

   At Livadia of Crimea, at the home of Lambros Katsonis, the Nazis searched for anything strange.
   They broke, after information, and his tomb, looking to find what Hitler they had asked them for.
   The statue of Artemis or anything other from Trofonio...
   It is well known that the Nazi attempted to find all the ancient alien and heavenly objects, all over the Earth.
   All leaders of the earth, in every season, were always searching for them and , if something came into their possession they guarded them in secret crypts (avaton).
   On the farm of Lambros Katsonis, in 1945, the Stalin-Roosevelt-Churchill decided the fate of the postwar world, the establishment of the UN, the spheres of influence, the division of Germany.

  Currently LIVADIA has about 900 inhabitants and is a tourist attraction, because of the palace-museum were the Treaty of Yalta was signed.
   The USA and USSR began space travel.
   The General Secretary of the Soviet Union said in a UN conference, after being asked why the USSR stopped trying to travel to the moon, the awesome...
  "The Greek customs patrol the space around the Earth until the time of the revelation comes ..."
   I wonder what he meant.
   Fanciful and he?
   Challenger and Columbia were destroyed...
   With the Greek name "Apollo" the Americans went to the moon and with the Greek name "Cosmos", the Russians achieved revolutions around the earth.
   The U.S. put the known Greek composer/musician Vangelis Papathanassiou to perform, from the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, the “Mythodea”. Along came the best American soprano and orchestra and sang an invocation to ZEUS! Verses that the soprano and chorus did not know what they meant.      But here in Greece, we understood what they were saying!
   On that day, Greece was aligned with Mars and NASA by satellite sent there the song, the entire concert that is!
   Who would listen?...
   And why didn’t they have it done in America and spent so much money to make the transmission from the particular ancient Greek temple?

   Why is NASA loading the ancient Greek in her computers, for twenty years now or so?
   And why in the damaged Roswell ufo was found a sign with greek letters?
   Why lots of ufos, even in fake photos (as some say), have the symbol of the caduceus and the double E?
   Why do crop circles have the letter 'Δ', which is only Greek, and meanders (also Greek symbol)?
   Is it true what they say that on the moon they found a damaged spaceship with Greek letters?

   The Russian president, Putin, visits Greece often with trips express, namely the center of Christianity, Mount Athos.
   There are kept for centuries by the Greek Orthodox monks, an unknown number of books and information.
Mount Athos
   Most ancient Greek texts, and many other secrets, are hidden there and in the Vatican.
   There are Russian Orthodox monasteries, which thanks to those Mount Athos wasn’t attacked and destroyed by the Turks, except in a few cases.
   Putin goes, prays and learns the unknown prophecies.
   Those, who were copied many Europeans - and took the opportunity to become known as prophets, when Greece was enslaved.
   Russian President Vladimir Putin during one of his visits to Greece, although it was in the original design a "ride" to Mystras, finally decided suddenly to visit the historic castle of Peloponnese. Why did he do this? Just for taking a 'walk' in an area in which there would be reason to go? Or maybe - and here is the "juice" of the story - to meet ... in Mystras with some 'unknown' personality?!
   We note that it is no coincidence that Putin took this decision only recently, since the "Free Time" (Greek newspaper) had as its headline topic the occasion of the opinions of the Pan-Hellenic of Mystras about him...
   Info from Russia itself, and Greece, tells us that indeed Putin secretly visited Mystras lately!
   The One who Should, saw President Putin and saw him very recently!
   And gave him permission...
   Mystras is a region of Sparta of Orestes...
   Glorious city, with the famous castle.

   The prophecy of Saint Agathangelos (from ... 1279!) spoke about the current events in Russia - Ukraine [Crimea - Azov] and Constantinople! ....

   "I, Hieronymus Agathangelos, confessor, monk of the order of St. Basil, who was born in the Rodonnisou Rodos (Rodes), in the ΟΘ’ [79th] the year of my age, on a Sunday in March, called Orthodoxy, which is the first of the Holy Lent of ΑΣΟΘ’ [1279] the year, in Messina, Sicily, situated, annoyed oftentimes by many and various nocturnal apparitions… At last, in this holy Sunday, towards darn, I heard a tremendous voice coming from the East, as of a sad and horrible salty trumpet...
   I heard a voice coming from the north, saying the following; Russia, wake up from sleep, in to you is addressed the words of the Angel of the Lord, and the morning, with the sun, your torch will be filled with clean oil, and before the sun reaches the eastern zodiac sign, you will show yourself. 
Oh, friend, look at your excellent battleforce

how they filled the air with melodies; your warriors and heroes chanting for the victory, inviting you to rebuild the planet from the uncontaminated, peeled barley with the true stamp of Christ, who once rescued you from the darkness of idolatry;
   Quickly grab arms, my sister, walk, defend the eternal truth of His; because you got the sign of such shiny glory. But listen, friend , sister; from the Agarinous you will be annoyed at the seventh hundredth, and meters nearly to the fortieth, and you will see how to win and will destroy him, and in the peninsula (Crimea) you will win and will spend the Maiotis lake, will break the Taurian (Crimea) and the surrounding places..."

   Comments on this prophecy:
1. “Oh, friend, look at your excellent battleforce, how they filled the air with melodies;”
   [Sounds of helicopters, armored aircraft and missiles???]
   [Maiotis lake, = Sea of ​​Azov]. At that time the Turks [Tartars] held the Crimea and Azov.
   [Taurian = the region around the Sea of ​​Azov and Crimea]

2. He says “before the sun reaches the eastern zodiac sign”…, the spring equinox! March 22!

   Will something Big take place, with leading lady Russia, on 22.03.2014???

3. Crystal clear Agathangelos says about the Russian army, who will sing the victorious psalms and will go to reshape the entire world! 

4. And then ... St. AGATHANGELOS says it all! Since ... 1279, please, He says and about the "peninsula" (Ukraine - Crimea!), and about "Elo" {Elos in greek=swamp}(Caspian [or Azov, with many swamps] sea!), and about the 'Tafrikin "(the Taurus Mountains in the occupied Mongolia, Asia Minor for us!) AND for the" Tartars»

   Russia in Ukraine, will intervene and if this leads into WORLD WAR III(!), her enemies will be crashed!
   Before it appears, says Agathangelos, the Sun from the eastern zodiac ... the spring equinox!, falling... on March 22nd!

   Putin searched and learned. 

  Known for his keen interest in exotic adventures, Vladimir Putin has tried himself as a sea treasure hunter. While visiting an excavation of an ancient city in south Russia, the prime minister could not resist the temptation to take part in some research to shed light on the fate of the historic site. The PM put on a diving suit and dived deep into the Taman Bay where, to everyone's utter surprise, he managed to find two ancient amphorae dating back to the 6th century AD. Putin said he had seen at a depth of about two meters -- the sea was still and the water transparent. The chief archeologist explained to Putin that amphorae often broke when the ancient ships were loaded or unloaded, so the sailors just threw them into the sea.

 With technology anymore, they had found the temple.  

   The xoanon had to go back to the temple.
   Russia, with the new findings, has now the advantage of strength!
   Putin's opponents fear the collapse of the world that have put us to think that we live in  (maybe it reminds the Matrix, or the cave of Plato??;) ...
   They know, and they put the Ukrainian citizens, with political pretext, to react.
   The Latinos had not found the energy statue of Artemis.
   It had been stored well, despite their information that the statue was buried in the tomb of Katsonis.
   Putin holds the key to handle the pouches of Aeolus.

   The xoanon will be activated again the spring equinox, which is the feast day of Artemis. On 22/03/2014!
   Putin had to prepare, so that everything is ready.
   He had, however, to make a dedication to the gods of the Greeks.
   About NASA, which has the best scientists in the world, where we would all like to work, do you continue to believe that she was naive about the Mythodea?
   Russiaas a dedication to the goddess of the ancient Greek culture, hosted the Winter Olympics in Sochi.
   For this they had gotten it.
   It was needed to burn the Olympic flame, which was lit in a casual, full of beauty and grandeur ceremony somewhere in an corner of Greece, the holy, almighty and eternal Olympia.
   The Russians honored admittedly the fact.
   Their television and press were filled with images of incredible ancient Greek beauty, aesthetic and substantially upgrading their daily lives.
   They took lessons of modesty, beauty and strength.
   They prepared and a super spectacle in space, the journey of the sacred Greek flame to the international space station and its "walk" outside the station, in the stars!


   The Greek customs, which were revealed by the frustrated leader of the Soviet, a few decades ago...
   But other the Soviets, Russia is a different thing.
   Putin holds the power now.
   When the Olympic flame goes out, everything will be able to start.
   It will happen as in ancient times, in which during the time of the Olympic Games, all wars were forbidden by the gods.
   After, they started again if needed.

   On March 22nd, the pyramid of the Crimea will work again and  the new season will start!

   The revelation of John the Greek, written at the Greek island of Patmos, is translated better now..., enough for some people to understand it before it is totally late!

   Where was the xoanon?

  Letter from a dear Greek researcher:
  "When the father of Odysseus Androutsos, Andrew, died in prison of Constantinople, the wife of his, Akrivi Tsarlampa, returned at Preveza, who was originally from there, and remarried. Took for her second husband and a practical doctor, Philip Burn, with whom she had five children, Giannakis, Vangelis, Panos, Tarsitsa and Angelica, who had affectionately named "Kore" (Κόρη=daugηter in Greek).
   Kore married Marcus Vellianitis, child of Captain Thanasis from the islands of Paxos. These five sisters were half sisters with Odysseas Androutsos from same mother, but by another father.

   Kores’ sister Tarsitsa was unfortunate in her marriage to Englishman philhellene Edward Trelawney, with whom she acquired a little girl and then divorced him.
   Many years later, the descendant of Shore Kore, Mrs. Kore, widow of Demetrius Wise, showed me this year, the grave of Kore in the beautiful Paxoi islands.
   It is the third in a row as we go out the door of the church in the church cemetery. The first two graves are still using the old headstones.

   The third one, not! It was replaced by Mrs. Kore, who remade it in concrete with a concrete Cross ...»
  (This had to be done because, as you understand, is had been opened by the descendants of the Greek heroes, who took the ancient statue.)
   In the headstone of the old grave, as she told me, was the inscription "Angeliki, widow Mark Vellianitis, nee Androutsos". In the new grave there is no inscription, to let the people know in which person belonged the tomb.
   I think it should be written in the new concrete tomb the same words that were on the old gravestone...

   Let them be well, all of them.

   And one last thing: In 1979 the Russian astronomer Nikolay Stepanovich Chernykh, working in the laboratory of astrophysics of Crimea, discovered a small planet (asteroid) and gave it the name: "3006 Livadia"!

   So, from Lambros Katsonis, the name Livadia arrived to space taking with it as passengers the hero Katsonis, Odysseus and their own, who helped to protect the figurehead (xoanon) as long as was needed....

As we wrote in our artical about Crimea, "The alien xoanon will be activated again the spring equinox, which is the feast day of Artemis. On 22/03/2014!
Putin had to prepare, so that everything is ready."..., today March 22nd Russian troops occupied Ukrainian camps in Crimea. 
Also, Putin said today that he will name Crimea with the ancient Greek name , Taurida.
2 days ago, the Russian Constitution was written in Greek, by command of Putin. Why? For the same reason that the NASA supercomputer requested to load as its basic language the ancient Greek (as the most perfect language of the world).
The pyramid / temple of Artemis has been found... 
The alien statue / generator has been taken...
The whole sea of Tauris belongs to one...
In the future we will be confirmed! 


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