Friday, March 28, 2014

CHILE, Santiago: "Grecia" metro station

   A prototype homage pays Chile in Ancient Greece, as their metro station named Grecia (Greece) in the capital Santiago is adorned now by an exposure of copies of ancient Greek civilization.

  It seems that the South Americans worship the Greek culture...
   Santiago: A major exhibition of reproductions of works of ancient Greek culturedonation of the Greek government, is gracing from the 7th of March at the Metro in Santiago. Over 22,000 passengers pass daily through the station Grecia (Greece) in line 4 of the metro in the capital of Chile.
Santiago, Chile
Metro station "Grecia"
   The exhibition presents 23 carefully crafted replicas of gypsum, copper and silver, depicting the emblematic western culture issues such as democracy, justice and the arts. From the exhibits stand out a copy of the head of Homer, portraits of athletes, a statuette of a boxer and theatrical masks.

   It should be noted that the setup of this exhibit, which is one of the first attempts to operating an "open museum" in Chile, strongly resembles the corresponding exhibition of antiquities encountered by passengers at the stop 'Acropolis' in the Athens Metro.
   The donation of the Greek Ministry of Culture was an initiative of the Embassy of Chile in Greece and the Greek Embassy in Chile, and with the support of the Division of Cultural Relations of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foundation Gabriel and Maria Moustakis. As stated by the chairman of the Board of the Foundation Gabriel and Maria Moustakis, George Anastasiou, "bringing culture closer to people in an open and public way, is something that has to do with the country's development".
  "Expanding access to culture through an exhibition showing the roots and values ​​of Western society, we are spiritually enriching all who can benefit from art".
  "The exhibition allows the passengers to come a little closer to the rich Greek culture, which was the cradle of great values which ​​we respect until today, such as democracy and justice," said Javier Pinto, executive director of the Cultural Society MetroArte.
   This last donation became part of the permanent exhibition entitled "A meter from Greece", which consists of 18 true copies of works from the west frieze of the Parthenon, the originals of which are now in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, the British Museum in London and nine other museums in Greece and abroad...
   This exhibition exists in Grecia Station since 2009, thanks to the then donation of the copies from the Greek government.

by Maria Ballos

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