Friday, January 17, 2014

MARS: Leaked Amazing Photo and info

Secret Briefing: Mars Rover Pyramids, and Face on Mars. 

by M.Ballos

   I came accross this info in the net. I personaly believe there are many discoveries on Mars that have been kept from us... I, myself, have 'investigated" some of NASA's released photos and found amazing stuff...


   ...and many more...

  "According to NASA's official declaration, the rover eventually crashed and there was no more feedback. At the time a Seti researcher insider, and whistleblower - reports to us that he had a secret access code to the feed, as he had just been established as a main SETI search server. He had the code legally. What was shown was mind blowing.
   There was a man standing in front of a large screen showing photos from the Mars rover. The man detailed a large complex of buildings that was discovered near the "Face" on Mars. There were Giant Pyramids that were much larger than Giza. 
   There was a symmetrical courtyard that was outlined with Megalithic blocks the size of the Empire state building! There was a Giant sculpture of a human woman. 
   Off in the distance some 6 miles away was a massive rock quarry with massive slag piles about the size of a medium earth mountain. In the middle of the slag piles was a giant "Notch" about 1 mile wide and 1 mile deep. They outlined in the briefing that during the martian solstice the sun beamed directly (i kid you not) into the crotch of the giant sculpture. The whole complex was shown to be laid out in prime numbers and in exacting prime number related geometry. This was all within a dozen miles of the giant face. The briefing outlined the approximate size of the whole complex..."

This is the photo that "leaked", showing a giant pyramid on Mars.

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