Sunday, November 10, 2013


Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo discovers castle on Mars!!

   Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo who previously discovered dozens of other interesting things on Mars, has now found something new and interesting again.
   This time he found a castle on Mars which can be seen as confirmation on Google Earth, planet Mars, at the following coordinates: Latitude 84°13’27.72″N Longitude 22°32’19.53″W.

   In a short interview, we asked Mr. Matteo what does he think about all these mysterious discoveries found on Mars and he provided us with the following answers:
  Mars is a planet like our Earth. In the past, this planet has gone through wars, nations devastated by incessant wars of visitors universe. Peoples of giants, civilizations that have manipulated the DNA to create giant breeds over time. Giant pets, giant men. The same giant fell on our land to build colossal monuments!
The pyramids are an example of their coming. People of the universe, trying to get hold of their heavenly bodies... This policy is also taking root in the universe. People who were enslaved, and made available to the powerful. As is it happening today in our land. Everyone took possession of the resources of each planet they got to. Nuclear wars also have happened on Mars.
 There were grandiose monuments billion years ago. Monuments that were erected in their beauty and in their perfection. But something went wrong... Mars was hit by nuclear technologies. Not the entire planet died, some tried to save themselves in the bowels of the planet, many others died. Some were able to move with time on our earth. 
  Life began on Earth and Mars slowly was trying to recover. Its water still present on the planet, was sucked into its bowels. Today it is still this life on that planet. There is still water, lakes, forests, giant animals that drift in the sand, monuments destroyed, pyramids, and we are convinced that man went to them, from this planet, a long time ago. 
   You can breathe on Mars, there’s enough oxygen. Someone wants to bring that planet as it once was and they are already there to make it more hospitable. I have studied this area for several years, and I found things that no one has yet seen. Sphinxes, pyramids, hangars, castles, pictures of anim als, destroyed cities, monuments, human faces, alien faces, trees, forests, human profiles and more. If you know any newspaper you can spread this news for fear of spreading these realities and the fear that history can have a social impact. The sending only some elements of study, others I’m picking up in my next book will come out slowly. My first book titled “MESSAGES FROM MARS” is my first book in a series of books which contain many things that I found on this planet. I think the missions on Mars, probes etc… are only virtual missions also because I am convinced that Russians and Americans are already there for a long time. I have seen well. I enclose some of the findings that slowly put the web. Some praise me saying that my findings are unique in the world. I hope to be helpful to our humanity. Sleepless nights and burning eyes, brought about my results. I hope to be invited to a foreign transmission, with an interpreter, I hope everyone enjoys my new discovery.
Mars is still inhabited.”
Matteo Ianneo
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