Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crop Circles - Agrogliphics - Connected to Greece. Messages?

                    ANCIENT GREEK SYMBOLS IN Crop Circles

by Maria Ballos

    Crop circles often are not just impressions of flying saucers, but geometric designs with encrypted messages. Many of them are influenced by ancient Greece.

    We start with a  Greek pattern of particular interest as it is based on the so-called "circles of Apollonius" -types of cycles that are tangent to three given circles in the plane. Associated with Apollonius of Perge, an eminent Greek Geometry (262 BC - 190 BC), who raised and solved the problem in his book "Contacts".

    Τhis is the one which was found in the Westwoods Lockeridge of Wiltshire in England, on 21/6/2011.

What is the individuality of this crop circles?
It strongly reminds me of the ЭЄ, called and Double E.
Here we see a pattern, part of an ancient astronomical computer known as the Antikythera device. The geogliphic appeared in crops near the Gog Magog Hills, near Cambridge, in July 2001. Certainly there are those who argue that the shape is identical to the famous labyrinth of Knossos in ancient Crete, as it appears on coins of 1250 BC!

    This is a circular design of the mythical Phoenix. The bird of Phoenix was honored in ancient Greece and was associated with the worship of Helios (the Sun) and Apollo.
    Herodotus referred to his unique ability to regenerate from his ashes, which come from his own fire. The Phoenix dies and is reborn alone. This makes him a powerful symbol that absorbs the power of man to regenerate from his difficulties and become even stronger.
    The crop circle appeared at Silbury Hill, Avebury in the UK in 2009. The elaborate circular formation initially entangled with the demon in the " Greek Key of Solomon ", who was much like the Phoenix.

             Look at the agroglyphics...
     They all have meanders (far ancient Greek symbol) within them!!!

And so are these (whith the triple el (Λ) in them....

                     Phoenix...? ...Hmmm..


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