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   Maybe one of the most interesting mysteries in Greece is the cave of Davelis... I saw it many years ago, and was partly connected with the sealing of the cave by the NATO forces, but later I decide to make this topic because I believe this story is very interesting...

    Pendeli Mountain is historically important because it's where the marble for the Parthenon was quarried. The stone was then moved down to the city with an intricate network of carts and pulleys, and you can still see the tracks today!

   But the most fascinating thing about the mountain is certainly Davelis Cave, named after the nineteenth-century brigand named Davelis. His gang used this cave as a hideout, and legend has it that there was a maze of tunnels there which could take him all the way to the mansion of his lover—reputedly a French Duchess living in the village of Pendeli. (Unfortunately, this legend is not true.)???

   Inside the cave is a rare double Byzantine church built directly into the rock. One half is dedicated to St. Spyridon and the other to St. Nicolas.
   It was used by twelfth-century Christian hermits associated with the Gnostics.
   A bit deeper into the cave, an even older god was worshiped—Pan (Panas). Many artifacts excavated from the Pendeli cave depict Pan and his nymphs.

   These objects can now be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Athens.

   The cave has been plagued with rumors and strange sightings, including electronics going haywire, water rolling up instead of down, and sightings of cat-like creatures walking on two legs. On the left wall, you can see the etchings of past travelers, including several nineteenth- and early twentieth-century English writers.

   So the cave was first used in the very ancient years...thousand years B.C.....and it was dedicated to the ancient God Panas.

   Panas was half man half goat. According to Greek Mythology Panas was sexual connected with the Nymphs. The nymphs were according to Homer (Odyssey, the troyan wars e.t.c.) the daughters of Zeus that were living in vast forests and lakes, and often used to help Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt) to hunt animals, except dears which was the protected animal of Artemis.

   You could say Panas is the ancestor of the Goat human form of the Devil...
   Panas was very naughty as you can imagine, and from him comes the Greek word "panikos" which means panic... 
   But enough with mythology. Back to the cave.
   This cave is said to have some sort of mysterious energy... Thousands of people have visited the cave-before the sealing- in order to find soothing worth the trip (Mountain Penteli, where the cave is, is some heliometers outside the City Of Athens).

   Many explorers mentioned of blur images of human figures...Others had photos that include strange forms of colored gas and a huge variety of other reports, such as flying objects, voices, lightings est.
   All this facts till the day a group of some very respected scientists visited the cave...As they say they felt very uncomfortable, but yet not a single sign of something strange...Only some voodoo dolls from the Satanists that visit the nearest area...

   So they decided to plug a voice recorder with a good mic attached on it, so they can record the next three or four days the activity in the cave...When they returned to take back the recorder they found out that only the half of the tape had only silence and echo from the cave...I tried to upload some part of the tape here but unfortunately I can't coz its 402 kb...anyone knows how to insert it?It is very very interesting believe me!

   Should you visit the cave, you will need to arrange transportation, as there is no public means of getting past neo-Penteli village. But please be respectful: The cave has no guards or gates, so it is unprotected as of now. Some of locals and nature enthusiasts are wary of the comings and goings of visitors, however, due to vandalism and accounts of occult sacrifices.

   Davelis Cave was brought to light in the 5th century BC. The surrounding area was used as a marble quarry by the builders of the Acropolis and the cave was discovered by chance, during works for the extraction of marble.

Military uses
    Many times during its history, the cave has been used as a shelter for civilians.
   In 1977, construction works started at the cave. It was not clear who was behind it. It must have been top U.S. governmental pressures to the Greek government. The exact nature or target of those works never became known, and the works ceased a few years later, in 1983.
   A widely publicized rumor claims that the aim of the works was to create a nuclear weapon storage facility in the cave. However, the few completed parts of the works (that are deserted and easily accessible to the public, today) make this claim seem very unrealistic.
   More realistic scenarios suggest that the site would be a radar base or a communication base (similar bases of the Greek Army and the US Army exist in other parts of the mountain).
   One thing is for sure: Experiments took place in the cave or in the artificial tunnels around it.
This is the ancient road the marbels were transfered from mount Pnedeli to the site of the Parthenon

Paranormal activity
  The cave has been associated with paranormal activity since the ancient times, this being the main reason behind its use as a place of worship.
   The mystical character of the cave continues to fascinate people even today, and dozens of urban legends connected to the cave exist. However, no definitive proof of any paranormal activity in or around the cave exists.
Downstair case inside of the temple build next to the cave. Where does it lead? How knows... 

  Many people visit the cave and exercise themselves in climbing. The entrance of the cave is one of the most famous climbing routes in Greece.

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